4 Costa Rica Sailing Tours You Need to Know About

Costa Rica Sailing Tours

Costa Rica is a jewel in Central America in which if you like the calmness and mystique of the sea, you need to know about the best Costa Rica sailing tours because you will surely not want to miss them. There are many land tours and attractions that are definitely worth visiting in this magical country; however, if you like the sea, there are sailing tours that will amaze you and leave you wanting more.

It is surely important that you set aside some days to visit the wonderful national parks and biological reserves, but don’t forget to visit the seaside and embark on the great tours that mix luxury with the beauty of nature and the calmness of the sea. Costa Rica has an amazing luxurious marina with not only slips and services for those who sail, but it also provides tourists with all the information on land and sea tours, as well as other services.

Amazing Costa Rica Sailing Tours: Pacific Coast

  • Playa del Coco: a Tour in a Catamaran

This beach is located 40km from Liberia city in the province of Guanacaste. It is a popular destination with significant development in the tourism industry. In this beach, you can find all the food and accommodation services you might need but also Costa Rica sailing charters where you can have a great experience by the sea. There are many options on land, and sailing off of it.Costa Rica Sailing Tours

A tour that sails from this beach usually includes food, drinks, snacks and usually equipment for kayaking and snorkeling. The staff is also trained to help you have the best time and feel safe, and they are usually bilingual. The vessel reaches a place to drop the anchor near a coral reef where you can swim, do snorkeling, and you could even fish. During this tour, you might have the opportunity to sea turtles and dolphins among others.

In Guanacaste Province as well, this beach town is also bordered by the Pacific Coast. As well as Playa del Coco, this location has been greatly affected by the tourist growth and therefore, it is greatly developed. It has part of the Marino Las Baulas National Park, in which you can see the sea turtles in their nesting ritual. There are, as well as amazing land attractions, the best Costa Rica sailing tours.

In a tour parting from this beach, you can go to Conchal Beach and make a stop there and have a snack. The boat might also pass by Pirates Bay and Grande Beach, where after the boat drops anchor, you have time to relax or go swimming or snorkeling. Regarding the fauna, it is possible to see the same animals as in Playa del Coco, and you might even see a whale, so look out for this wonderful experience.

Considered by many one of the most beautiful national parks, Manuel Antonio is located in the Central Pacific Conservation Area which is in Puntarenas Province. This tour that parts from the national park will pass you by several islands on the coast of the Pacific, cliffs and amazing rock formations that will blow your mind. Apart from the islands, you may go to a protected bay.Costa Rica Sailing Tours

Many conservation areas are very strict regarding preservation; therefore, getting into the water and the quantity of people in the water at a time is usually restricted. You have close to 30 minutes to swim or do snorkeling. The landscapes and sights in this tour are amazing and the vessel usually has space for more than 100 people. During rainy season the tour functions only in the morning due to the strong showers.

  • Flamingo Beach

This wonderful Costa Rican destination is located in Guanacaste Province. It is also located near Liberia city and it has developed greatly due to tourism. The beach, due to its mountain formations, make it possible for the existence of beaches that are more secluded, private, and calm. First you will sail off and then you will surely visit these secluded destinations.

The vessel will drop anchor at a tranquil bay and you will be able to practice snorkeling and witness the rich marine life that characterizes this area. Here you will have the chance to swim, go kayaking and even fish; you can also relax on the sand if that is what you prefer. One important thing to remember is that if you take this tour in the afternoon, you will have the chance to witness a marvelous sunset.Costa Rica Sailing Tours

More Info About These Costa Rica Sailing Charters 

These are some Costa Rica sailing activities you can do, but there are also many services offered, for example, by the complex of the Papagayo Marina. Regarding Costa Rica house rentals or hotels and other services, the area has everything you might need. The tourist development has helped the establishment of many luxurious Costa Rica house rentals, and other services also continue to improve.

Costa Rica sailing is a must-do in this country, and the Costa Rica sailing tours will definitely blow your mind and leave you wanting to come back.

So are you ready to feel the see breeze on your face? Which other destination do you recommend to visit? Let us know in the comment section below!!

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