Costa Rica Sailing and 6 Water Activities you Must Do in Costa Rica!

Costa Rica Sailing

Costa Rica is bordered by two oceans (the Caribbean and the Pacific), and it contains numerous rivers, creeks, lakes, mangroves and estuaries so that water activities such as Costa Rica sailing are very important and popular among visitors. There are other water activities for which Costa Rica is actually known for, which are surfing, kayaking, […]

3 Perks of Going to the Papagayo Marina Costa Rica: Fun, Accommodations and Luxury all in One

Papagayo Marina

The Papagayo Marina, located in the Papagayo Peninsula, represents an opportunity for travelers to experience tourism at his highest levels of quality, luxury and efficiency. The facilities of the Marina and the whole project of it have been exclusively designed for the tourists pleasure and joy, this is a place devoted to your satisfaction if you […]