Costa Rica Sailing Vacations in Guanacaste: National Parks on the Pacific Coastline

Costa Rica is a very popular tourist destination; you can go on sailing vacations, do adventures in land and visit wonderful national parks. In addition, some of these national parks are located on the Costa Rican border with the Pacific Ocean; these parks, therefore, protect in land forests and incredible marine biodiversity. You can include visits to those wonderful beaches in your incredible sailing vacations.

Incredible Services for Sailing Vacations in Peninsula Papagayo, Costa Rica

Costa Rica is lucky enough to count with the most luxurious marina of Latin America. If you are interested in visiting incredible destinations, enjoying wonderful services and activities, and seeing incredible sites, go sailing; the incredible services of sailing Costa Rica will help you forget about all your worries and responsibilities back home. The marina provides a luxurious service that focuses on excellence.

The services you can find in the marina include yacht rentals Costa Rica, Costa Rica fishing charters, and more. There is a big number of water activities you can do in Guanacaste and you can arrange them with the Papagayo Marina: the options include snorkeling Costa Rica, scuba diving, surfing, stand up paddle board and many other activities. The marina provides great adventure and luxury!

National Parks You Can Visit in your Costa Rica Sailing Vacations

Located on the Northwestern part of the country, Santa Rosa is the first national park you can visit; it is located North of the Papagayo Peninsula. A sailing trip bordering the peninsula sailing North could lead you to the beautiful Naranjo, Nance, and Potrero Grande Beaches; you can spend an incredible day in these amazing beaches that are secluded and have a difficult access by car.

This national park protects tropical forests and a great deal of biodiversity; it also forms a natural corridor that connects Guanacaste and Rincon de La Vieja National Parks. Given that access to these beaches is not so easy by car, sailing to them ensures privacy in a secluded beach; plus, you can also spend the day doing fun water activities.

Located South of the Papagayo Peninsula, Las Baulas Marine National Park is quite a spectacle. This park, as its name indicates (“baula” means Leatherback sea Turtle), protects Leatherback sea turtles; a visit to this park going on sailing vacations may mean a day of water adventures and incredible natural events. Las Baulas Marine National Park is actually the host of the incredible “arribadas”.Costa Rica Sailing

In an incredible nesting ritual, Las Baulas Marine National Park is witness of a magical nesting ritual; it represents the park’s biggest concern and attraction for tourists. Visits are controlled; however, they are not impossible. Playa Grande, the beach you can go to in Las Baulas Marine National Park can also be host of fun water activities; it is also a place to enjoy nature and have fun.

Ostional Wildlife Refuge is located to the South of Guanacaste Province; it is part of the conservation area called “Tempisque” and as it also protects great biodiversity. As it is the case of Las Baulas Marine National Park, Ostional Wildlife Refuge, also protects sea turtles; in this case, the protected species is the Olive Ridley Turtle. This creature also faces threats of extinction.

This refuge is located near the capital of Costa Rica, San José; nevertheless, this does not mean that access is easier through San José. The last parts of the roads that lead towards the park are not paved; for this reason, considering an arrival by the sea is not a bad idea. Ostional Wildlife Refuge is also a place of great natural beauty where you can also enjoy great water adventures.

Some Factors to Consider in your Sailing Vacations

It is important that you remember that there are some restrictions that apply to certain protected areas; therefore, if you are sailing to protected areas, it is better that you research the restrictions. Access to these beaches may be strictly monitored, so in case you want to visit, consider factors like “arribada” seasons; the idea is that you enjoy as well as contribute to natural preservation.


Costa Rica Sailing Vacations in Guanacaste

In conclusion if you are considering going sailing Costa Rica, you need to prepare for adventure, luxury and natural preservation. Yacht rentals Costa Rica are something you really need to try; whether you experience sailing or not, the marina services will help you with everything you need.n It is an experience that shows you what true comfort, pampering, and luxurious vacations are truly about.

Consider the sea side of this wonderful jewel of Central America, you will not regret going on sailing vacations; snorkeling Costa Rica, Costa Rica fishing charters, or just sunbathing will be unforgettable experiences you won’t regret!

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Costa Rica Sailing Vacations in Guanacaste: National Parks on the Pacific Coastline
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