What you needed to know about Costa Rica Sailing

Costa Rica Sailing

Going to Costa Rica is a wonderful experience, and just as you may enjoy greatly de the attractions you can visit by land, you have to try Costa Rica sailing and live a luxurious, exciting experience. There are many things to do in Costa Rica, you can go hiking or on canopy tours to see the forests from a different perspective, go to a volcano and do many other activities, but don’t forget to go sailing.

The Papagayo Marina Project

The Gulf of Papagayo, located in the Guanacaste Province of Costa Rica is one of the most developed areas of the region. The Papagayo Marina project is a part of this development, providing tourists with a experience designed specifically to tend to the tourists’ every need. Chains of hotels and property management businesses have come together to combine the best services for tourists in the search of a high-quality vacation.Costa Rica Sailing

The Papagayo Marina project offers tourists a place where you can find the best Costa Rica hotels, restaurants, golf courts and of course, the Marina that charters boats and yachts for you to have an amazing experience doing Costa Rica sailing. In these Costa Rica vacations you can have a fun luxurious adventure sailing, fishing, scuba diving, snorkeling and doing many more water activities while cruising on a luxurious vessel.

Who is it for?

Sailing is for everyone, but if you are looking to spend luxurious Costa Rica vacations, this is made especially for you! Whether you are a pro or you have never sailed, the Marina Charters will hook you up with a perfect vessel for your needs and help you with the equipment or assistance needed. Food, guidance and full assistance in the activities you want to perform are also provided.

Costa Rica Sailing and other Services you can find in

Costa Rica, and specifically the region in which the Marina is, is very much tourism-oriented and you can find anything you need there. Just as you can find a good boat or yacht for you to go sailing, you can find in this region, the best Costa Rica hotels as well as rental home services, tours assistance, the best restaurants and even event planners.Costa Rica Sailing

There are many things to do in Costa Rica and sure, visiting the different national parks and surfing are famous for a reason; however, you will not regret spending a little more time by the sea than by land, as Costa Rica sailing combines the beauty of nature with the highest luxury and personalized attention with fun.

So are you ready to set sail? Tell us what activities you would like to do on your next trip to Costa Rica!

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