Papagayo and Nicoya Gulf: Amazing Costa Rica Sailing Destinations

If your next vacation plan includes Costa Rica Sailing in its Pacific Coast, there are two gulfs you’ll come across; the Papagayo Gulf and the Nicoya Gulf have amazing beaches where you can make a stop and spend amazing days. You could book any of the fabulous vacation rentals in Papagayo Costa Rica and arrange Costa Rica sailing tours; you’ll visit incredible locations and lodge in the best ones.

If you decide to stay in the amazing vacation rentals in Papagayo Costa Rica, go on Costa Rica sailing tours; this way you’ll experience the seaside of the country and make stops in wonderful tourist beach towns. Papagayo Peninsula, as well as the majority of the beach towns in Papagayo Gulf are greatly developed; besides their natural beauty, their tourist services are unbelievable.

Costa Rica Sailing

In Papagayo Gulf you will find amazing beaches; some are off-the-beaten-path destinations due to access limitations and some are more crowded and popular. In those that are more popular and crowded, you will get the chance to find lessons or equipment for fun water activities like scuba diving Costa Rica or snorkeling in Costa Rica.

Beaches in the Papagayo Gulf

To the North of the gulf you will find the Santa Rosa National Park with two important beaches, Nance and Naranjo.

  1. Nancite Beach

This beach has white sand and crystal clear waters that charm its visitors; in addition, there is a magical natural ritual that attracts nature lovers and travelers in general.  Every year, this beach is home to the nesting ritual of various sea turtle species; around 175,000 turtles visit the beach and it is an incredible sight.

  1. Naranjo Beach

This beach is very difficult to access by land; it is surrounded by the tropical dry forests of the Santa Rosa National park.  As opposed to the many other beach towns with great tourist development, Naranjo Beach is rather secluded; there are no buildings nearby and it is truly beautiful.

  1. Cabuyal Beach

This beach is nearer to Papagayo Peninsula and other more populated locations like Liberia city, the Capital of Guanacaste Province; nevertheless, the tourist infrastructure of the area is not great. For this reason, it is a great idea to visit this beach; however, regarding lodging options in Costa Rica house rentals, stay in Papagayo Peninsula.

Vacation Rentals in Papagayo

Beaches You See Costa Rica Sailing to the South from Papagayo Peninsula:

There are many beaches in the Papgayo Gulf, but these are the most popular among tourists:

  1. Hermosa Beach in Guanacaste

It is important to distinguish this beach town from another of the same name in the Central Pacific. Hermosa Beach has gone though significant tourist development and besides its clear waters, it has great services including amazing Costa Rica house rentals. It is also a great location for water activities like scuba diving Costa Rica, swimming or simply relaxing sunbathing.

  1. Coco Beach

This beach is primarily popular for its active nightlife; it you like having a few drink, dancing and letting yourself go at night, Coco Beach is perfect for you. In addition, this is one of the cities that also has undergone great tourist development and therefore facilities are excellent; from home rentals, to bars, restaurants and a beautiful beach, Coco Beach is a great destination.

Vacation Rentals in Papagayo

The Northern part of the Nicoya Gulf belongs to the Guanacaste Province and its tip, the Southern part, to the Puntarenas Province. If you want to go sailing to the Nicoya Gulf, it’s important to know its waters come from a river; for this reason, if you want to go sailing near the Nicoya Peninsula, better border it along the Pacific Coast. Then visit the gulf differently.

Beaches you Can Visit Bordering the Nicoya Peninsula

  1. Flamingo Beach

This wonderful beach has crystal clear blue waters as well as white sand that will enamor you. This beach town has great tourist services and facilities including tourist activities of which water sports stand out; sports like scuba diving and snorkeling in Costa Rica are popular in Flamingo. You can also find lessons or equipment if you require it.

  1. Tamarindo Beach

Tamarindo, as many other beach towns nearby, has undergone immense tourist development; in this sense, one of the most important enhancements is the improvement made to its roads. This makes Tamarindo stand out, not only due to its undeniable natural beauty and tourist facilities, transportation advantages are significant.

There are many beach towns that you can visit Costa Rica sailing bordering the Pacific Coastline; it is a wonderful experience. Nevertheless, remember to check on whether the beach you wish to visit is a protected area and its access rules. In this experience, you can guarantee a luxurious accommodation in Papagayo Peninsula and visit paradisiacal destinations; you will definitely enjoy it!

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Papagayo and Nicoya Gulf: Amazing Costa Rica Sailing Destinations
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