Witch’s Rock and Ollie’s Point Costa Rica: Two Surfing Spots Near the Gulf of Papagayo

One of Costa Rica’s biggest attractions is surfing; Witch’s Rock and Ollie’s Point Costa Rica are its most popular spots. If you stay near the Papagayo Peninsula area you can go to the marina and hire its amazing services; you can turn your trip into fabulous sailing vacations and visit these wonderful surfing destinations. There are also other options for you if you go sailing Costa Rica.

Ollie’s Point Costa Rica

In order to get to Ollie’s Point you need to experience Costa Rica sailing; situated in Potrero Grande Beach in Santa Rosa National Park, you cannot access this spot by foot or car. The location is a beautiful beach near the border of Costa Rica with Nicaragua in Guanacaste Province; it is Northwest of Costa Rica. The spot is more suitable for surfing when the tide is high given that there are some rocks that may be dangerous otherwise.

The spot owes its name to a political scandal which involved a retired marine, Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North. The spot is now famous for its good conditions for catching a great wave! The surfing crowds—locals and foreigners alike—are drawn to this popular spot.

Potrero Grande Beach

This beach has no big infrastructure and it is best to visit it by boat. It is mostly famous for the surfing spot; it actually appears on a famous surfing movie called “Endless Summer II”. In this movie, the site is portrayed as one of the surfing destinations to visit in the world. Its surfing fame has erased the military history behind the area.Marina Papagayo Costa Rica

Santa Rosa National Park

It is worth mentioning the amazing Santa Rosa National Park where Potrero Grande Beach is located and its Ollie’s Point; it has dry tropical forests, beaches and swamps, all in one. There are over a hundred species of mammals in the park and over two hundred species of birds. The park has a historic CIA training camp and it is worth it to visit it in your sailing vacations.

Witch’s Rock

This other great spot for surfing is located near the Gulf of Papagayo, in Naranjo Beach specifically. Witch’s Rock is a volcanic formation located offshore in the waters of Naranjo beach; it is a beautiful destination that you can only access Costa Rica sailing. In the spot Ollie’s Point Costa Rica waves break at a rocky bottom whereas here, they do over a sandy bottom.

Nonetheless, this area is recommended for more experienced surfers; if this is your first time, it might be a better idea to try surfing at another spot. As opposed to Ollie’s Point’s case, the best time to hit this spot is during the Dry Season. Between December and March, it can be a good idea for you to visit.

Naranjo Beach

This beach is also located towards the North of Guanacaste on the Pacific Coastline of Costa Rica; it is also a part of Santa Teresa National Park. There are two Naranjo Beaches; however, the surfing conditions of the other beach are not even close to the good conditions at Witch’s Rock.Marina Papagayo Costa Rica

Lodging Options Near Witch’s Rock and Ollie’s Point Costa Rica and the Gulf of Papagayo

These two surfing spots are located in Santa Rosa National Park and they is no real infrastructure for sleeping nearby; there may be camping options, but not great comfortable options if you seek the best of quality and luxury. What you can do is stay in the fabulous villa rentals of the Papagayo Peninsula and head to these destinations sailing Costa Rica.

Are there other Activities Available to do in your Sailing Vacations?

There are plenty of other activities available such as Costa Rica sportfishing, snorkeling Costa Rica, scuba diving, and others. The incredible Papagayo Marina offers the sailing trips and packages including all these wonderful adventures. Furthermore, if there is an activity in which you need guidance and lessons, be sure to trust you will find those services

.Costa Rica Sailing Tours

Besides lessons, another concern is usually lacking the equipment for practicing activities like the ones previously mentioned; in this regard, you can also b certain that you will be able to find options for rent and pro-shops. In addition, know that the staff that accompanies you is well trained and usually bilingual, so safety and communication aren’t an issue either.

If you are a surfing enthusiast, then you definitely need to visit the fabulous Witch’s Rock and Ollie’s Point Costa Rica. You will soon find out that there are more things to do and places to visit; don’t be surprised if you see yourself fall in love with this magical country. Costa Rica is one of the best surfing destinations of the world, so visit it soon!

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