4 Sea Turtle Species you Can Spot while Costa Rica Sailing

Did you know you could see and abundant marine wildlife while Costa Rica sailing? This magnificent Central American country has over 5% of the world’s biodiversity. In the Costa Rica sailing tours, snorkeling in Costa Rica or scuba diving Costa Rica; you might see abundant wildlife. In this abundant marine life, you might have the opportunity to see 4 sea turtle species.

  • The Olive Ridley sea Turtle

This sea turtle species, along with the other species you can spot in Costa Rica, is partly responsible for visitors. The magical “arribadas” are the nesting ritual of these turtles; several turtles arrive in the beach shore to lay their eggs in an incredible spectacle. This species’ scientific name is Lepidochelys olivacea and it is also commonly known as the Pacific Ridley sea turtle. Costa Rica Sailing

The carapaces of these turtles are olive; hence, their names, and they are actually heart-shaped. Ostional Beach is a place where you can observe them; the National Ostional Wildlife Refuge there, in the Nicoya Peninsula located in Guanacaste Province, protects this species. There are tours you can go in this park where you will see the survival experience after little turtles hatch from the egg.

  • Green sea Turtle

These turtles have as scientific name Chelonia mydas, and commonly, are also known as Green, Black or Pacific Green turtle. This is an endangered species as they are declared to be by the IUCN (International Union of Conservation of Nature. In Costa Rica, there are efforts to promote the conservation of this species; however, they dwell on the Atlantic Ocean more. Therefore, if you are staying in the Guanacaste Province, it is more likely that you see the 3 other turtle species.

  • Leatherback sea Turtle

The scientific name of the Leatherback sea turtle is Dermochelys coriacea. A characteristic of these turtle is that they don’t have, as other turtles, a bony shell. Their name is actually a result of a carapace that has skin and also oily flesh. Other names that these turtles are known for are “lute turtle” and “leathery turtle”. The body of this species has the shape of a tear.Costa Rica Sailing

In Costa Rica you can see these turtles in the Marine Las Baula National Park. This destination, besides having an abundant wildlife in land and rich vegetation, has a rich marine life. While Costa Rica Sailing, you could spot this species in the beaches of this park. Furthermore, the species is referred to as “baulas” in Costa Rica; for this reason, the park has such name. You can see them lay their eggs here.

  • Hawksbill sea Turtle

This turtle has as scientific name Eretmochelys imbricata. This turtle is known as “Tortuga carey” in Costa Rica and it has actually been declared as critically endangered by the IUCN. The turtle is similar to other species; however, you could distinguish it by their beaks which are curved.  This is another turtle that you will most likely see in the Caribbean Sea, not so much in Guanacaste.

Costa Rica and its Turtles

Even though there laws that intend to protect the fauna in the country; there are still practices that threaten these amazing animals. For this reason, in the many destinations where turtles arrive to lay their eggs, tourism is allowed; however, strictly monitored to ensure the conservation of the species. In some locations, commerce with turtle eggs is even allowed to some extent.

These measures have been made in order to establish a little control over practices that will continue to occur; however, the intention is for them to take place with awareness.

Wildlife and Costa Rica Sailing

For those seeking to relax with the charter boats Costa Rica, as well as witness the amazing wildlife; the Costa Rica sailing tours are just perfect. Activities like snorkeling Costa Rica and scuba diving Costa Rica. On the one hand, you can relax in this experience; you can sunbathe and enjoy the delicious food on board. On the other hand, you can also enjoy the adventure water tours.Costa Rica Sailing

With the charter boats Costa Rica, you can have a luxurious, relaxing and even educational and adventurous experience. The sailing tours will take you to magical locations where you will success in disconnecting yourself from any hectic lifestyle; you will get back in touch with nature and learn about the abundant wildlife of the area. Turtles are not the only species you will get to see.

Is it difficult to Observe the Wildlife in Costa Rica?

Did you know that Costa Rica comprises about 0.6% of the worlds territory? In such a little area there is over 5% of the world’s wildlife; for this reason, even if you don’t get to see any turtles, you will surely see other animals. Costa Rica sailing will allow you to see marvelous marine species!

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4 Sea Turtle Species you Can Spot while Costa Rica Sailing
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