5 Marine Animals You Could Spot While Costa Rica Sailing

Costa Rica’s wildlife is one of the most attractive features for visitors worldwide and though there are many activities you can do, if you love animals, there are many animal species you can spot while Costa Rica Sailing. While going on a relaxing adventure sailing on a luxurious boat, you can admire the beauty of the Costa Rican landscapes and come across unbelievable animal species in the sea.

Animal Species You Can Spot While Costa Rica Sailing

  • Dolphins

If you go to Costa Rica it is not so hard to spot a dolphin. Even though there are seasons when it is more likely that you do, such as December to March and July to November, dolphins roam the Costa Rican coasts all year-round. You can see them feeding, taking care of their calves or playing while going on any of the water tours or sailing.

Costa Rica Sailing

Among the dolphins you can spot in the Costa Rican coasts, there are: spotted dolphins, which feature a group of scattered white dots in the middle and lower parts of their bodies; bottle-nose dolphins, which have a uniformly distributed gray color; spinner dolphins, which have 3 shades of gray on their bodies; rough-toothed dolphins, which also have white pigments on their bodies; and common dolphins which are black and white.

  • Green Sea Turtles

This animal species represents a big tourist attraction for Costa Rica. The green sea turtles, which are considered an endangered species; are thought to live up to eighty years in the wild and they have nesting seasons. Costa Rica has Tortuguero Island and Marino Las Baulas National Park; as main sites devoted to these specimens protection. Especially during nesting seasons.

Costa Rica Sailing

There are great efforts being made in order to protect these turtles, and there are actually guided tours which take you to see the amazing nesting rituals in an ecofriendly fashion, making sure that turtles will not be interrupted or disturbed.

  • Whales

This mammal is also very common to be seen near Costa Rican waters. Due to migrations, many whales visit the Costa Rican coasts from August to October (those migrating from Antarctica), and many others visit from December to April (North American whales which escape from the Arctic’s winter).

Although the younger specimens prefer deep waters, the more adult ones prefer coastal shallow waters. You can go Costa Rica sailing and witness these magical mammals near Jaco, manuel Antonio, Papagayo Gulf, Puerto Jimenez, Drake Bay, and Ballena National Marine Park.


  • White Tip Reef Sharks

This carnivore species that dwells in the Oceans. You can fin in the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica and more specifically near Osa peninsula; Cocos Island and Bat Islands among others. This species prefers shallow waters which is why it is not so difficult to spot. Although they are sharks, they do not represent a real danger since they are curious and docile in temperament.

Costa Rica Sailing

If you go diving in any of these locations you may spot a Whit Tip Reef Shark. But have no fear, they might seem aggressive in their approach, but usually, it will be due to curiosity. Whit Tips, as the name indicates, have white tips on their fins, broadheads and big round eyes for which they stand out; it is quite a spectacle to witness a school of white tips.

  • Spotted Eagle Rays

This species has a diamond shape and it is characterized by presenting white dots and in some cases, white rings. These are very intelligent animals and they are not considered dangerous; however, drivers should be careful when encountering one of them since they might feel attacked and have a violent response.

In Costa Rica, it is common to see them in Caño Island, Cocos Island and Playa del Coco and it is possible to see schools of up to 100 members.

Costa Rica Sailing Tours and Wildlife

The marine side of Costa Rica is a different world from the land side; so it is recommended that you research about the Costa Rica sailing charters. Maybe, go on Costa Rica fishing charters to experience the seaside, or simply go on the Costa Rica sailing tours. The great thing about these tours is that they mix activities such as swimming, diving or snorkeling in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica SAiling

Given the abundant marine life, not going scuba diving or snorkeling in Costa Rica is almost a crime. Just by taking a swim, you will witness the biodiversity, so hiring Costa Rica sailing charters. Costa Rica fishing charters is a great experience to witness the richness of the fauna and flora. Imagine being able to see a ray or even a –harmless—shark from up close!

If you are going to Costa Rica, take a moment to experience Costa Rica sailing and admire the rich and stunning marine wildlife, you will have a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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5 Marine Animals You Could Spot While Costa Rica Sailing

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