5 Reasons to Spend Sailing Vacations in Costa Rica in Christmas Vacations

Costa Rica is a country with outstanding natural beauty and fun for visitors; furthermore, sailing vacations in December is an incredible experience you cannot miss. If you are considering spending this special time away from home, it has to be worth it; Costa Rica is an incredible tourist destination all year round. However, December is a special time to visit for many reasons.

The weather is an important factor when you are planning a trip; it can make it all better, or it can even ruin a trip. Costa Rica has an amicable weather all year round; however, the coming of the dry season is a significant improvement for some specific activities. Water activities, for example, are affected by this, as it is better to sail in sunny, warm days rather than under heavy rains.

The dry season is also the high season in Costa Rica, which means that prices are higher; therefore, it is also an advantage to have your money well spent, and make sure weather will be ‘friendly’. During the dry season, on Christmas Eve, while the Northern Hemisphere experiences the cold winter, days are sunny and warm; Costa Rica is the perfect getaway if you seek sunny vacations.

Costa Rica houses great biodiversity; did you know that this small territory contains 6% of the world’s biodiversity? In just 0.35 of the world’s territory, this country has numerous animal and plant species that will amaze you. In this regard, in December, there are many species to spot regarding marine life; and if you want to spot whales and dolphins, you just might.

Sailing Vacations

When it comes to Costa Rica sailing charters, one of the advantages is getting to spot incredible amazing animal species; dolphins and whales are some of the incredible species you can spot. Due to the cold winters the Northern Hemisphere goes through in December, many species migrate; such is the case of the Humpback whales. Dolphins, on the contrary, can be spotted all year round!

The rainy or green season in Costa Rica is characterized by heavy rains, that usually take place in the afternoons; this means that fabulous sailing vacations can still take place, but activities have to be scheduled considering the raining ‘schedules’. Activities can still be planned in the mornings; nevertheless, there are more restrains, chances of unexpected rains and many tours are shortened in this time.

For these reasons, going on fabulous Costa Rica sailing charters in December are a great decision; on the one hand, weather conditions make it safer to go sailing. On the other hand, other activities like snorkeling or surfing—for first timers—work out better without rain; furthermore, even if the tour you choose is a calm beach day, guaranteeing a sunny day where you can sunbathe is a safe bet.

In Costa Rica, as many visitors in their home countries do, Christmas is celebrated; in addition, this is a time where you get to see fun parades and also see people enjoying the holidays. This is a time when you can interact with the wonderful “Ticos” and feel their wonderful “pura vida” lifestyle. December feels like a celebration in many beach towns in Costa Rica, and it is a great experience.

Sailing Vacations

There are fabulous beach towns that are very tourist-friendly that you could visit while sailing Costa Rica; Coco Beach, for example, is a popular town for its active nightlife. Here, Ticos and tourists are seen enjoying the Costa Rican ‘fiesta’; Ocotal Beach and other beach towns on the Pacific Coastline are great destinations visit. In addition, there are amazing options in real estate for tourists looking for rental homes.

Costa Rica is friendly with tourists all year round; nevertheless, as the high season comes, the country prepares for the many visits that it receives. Resorts, bars, restaurants, and tourists in general prepare and offer the best services for the numerous visits of the season; Costa Rica is truly an incredible tourist destination, and weather sailing Costa Rica or else, you’ll have a great time.

Yacht rentals Costa Rica services in Peninsula Papagayo will give you unforgettable experiences; the luxurious marina in Peninsula Papagayo can help you book all the services required for you to spend the best sailing vacations. Experiencing a trip along the marvelous Costa Rican Pacific Coastline is something you will not forget, and even less if you go on incredible yacht rentals Costa Rica!

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5 Reasons to Spend Sailing Vacations in Costa Rica in Christmas Vacations
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5 Reasons to Spend Sailing Vacations in Costa Rica in Christmas Vacations
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