6 types of Costa Rica Tours You Cannot Miss

There are plenty of Costa Rica tours you can go on for vacation; in this sense, if you’re looking for the best land tours, there are 6 types you cannot fail to experience.

Just in Guanacaste Province, there are plenty of options if you seek adventure. This Central American paradise has various and beautiful landscapes that allow; you will definitely enjoy yourself in Costa Rica.

Going on an Incredible Costa Rica Tour

One of the characteristic features of Costa Rica is that it has abundant volcanic formations; there are mountain ranges with volcanoes of which 7 seven peaks are active.

As a result, there is great geothermal activity in many areas which also attracts tourists greatly; there are numerous natural hot springs and boiling mud pools. These are not only great sights to see, they are actually good experiences for your health.

One bathe in one of these hot springs is good for your health and almost a mystical experience; there are two wonderful destinations recommended where you can go on a magnificent Costa Rica tour.

Costa Rica SAiling tour

These are Rincón de La Vieja National Park and Arenal Volcano National Park; however, there are also other national parks with and without volcanoes to go on amazing adventures.

What Can You Do in these Costa Rica Tours?

A hike up to the peak of the volcanoes is one of the things you can do; the experience is fulfilling and the sights are unbelievable.

These hikes usually pass you by, or take you to natural hot springs, rivers, and lagoons; there, you refresh, have some snacks, and drinks to enjoy the sights and relax.

During these hikes, the guide will point out all the incredible features of the landscape you cannot miss.

In addition, depending where you are, you can also go on canopy tours and cross amazing hanging bridges. Arenal hanging bridges are a good example of this; in these fabulous experiences, you get to see the lush tropical forests from an unbelievable new perspective.

Going on Arenal hanging bridges allows you to experience adventure with safety and in direct connection with nature.

Among the incredible features Costa Rica has are the paradisiacal and numerous waterfalls; while hiking through incredible tropical forests you will come across magical rivers, lagoons, and water streams.

Costa Rica tours to waterfalls include locations like Llanos del Cortez Waterfall and Río Celeste Waterfall. The latter is an incredible natural attraction; the water has unique blue-green color.

Other very popular tours of Costa Rica are the horseback riding adventures; this is a fun and faster way of passing by long distances while also seeing incredible natural beauty.

Costa Rica SAiling tour

Although this is a land tour, a horseback riding tour might end by the sea; you might pass through forests with lush vegetation and end the experience cooling off with these marvelous creatures.

In addition, in these tours of Costa Rica, you don’t have to worry about private transportation services; these adventures include snacks, the experience and company of a trained guide, and high-quality private transportation services.

Coffee is a big part of Costa Rican tradition and culture; furthermore, there are numerous plantations that you can visit and experience the delicious taste of Costa Rican coffee.  You can go on a coffee tasting and see the beautiful infrastructure as you learn about this beautiful country.

Another experience you can go on is an interesting visit to a local pottery factory; this is also a perfect experience for Costa Rica family vacations. This is also a big part of Costa Rica’s history and tradition; in fact, you can learn a lot about pre-Columbian practices and history of the area in these tours. Costa Rica family vacations can be adventurous but also a time to learn about new cultures.

Costa Rica is the perfect place for those who seek adventure wherever they go; in this regard, just as you can reconnect with nature, you can also have an incredible time an ATV.

You can do this alongside the incredible beaches of Guanacaste and passing by incredible landscapes you will not forget; there are fun dirt roads and this is a guided tour you can be sure considers your safety first.

Costa Rica is a unique jewel in Central America; Costa Rica tours have no comparison and if you have the opportunity to experience them, appreciate it.

Visiting this incredible country is a luxury not everyone can enjoy; these land Costa Rica tours are definitely adventures you will not forget. Don’t forget to bring your sense of adventure and prepare for a good time in Costa Rica!

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6 types of Costa Rica Sailing Tours You Cannot Miss
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