7 Amazing Beaches in Guanacaste Costa Rica You Need to Visit

One of the things you absolutely must do if you go to Guanacaste Costa Rica looking to spend luxurious and fantastic vacation is Costa Rica sailing. The Papagayo Marina has all the services you need regarding vessel charters, private food and guided activities, as well as other exclusive services you need to spend a wonderful time in your Costa Rica vacations.

In the Guanacaste Province specifically, there are more than enough amazing destinations and activities for you to enjoy and the most beautiful beaches that you could also visit if you are enjoying Costa Rica sailing. These beaches will allow you to relax, do some fishing, or try exciting water sports as well as delight from the beautiful landscapes of this magical country.

These are some recommended beaches for you to visit in Guanacaste:

1.      The Beautiful Tamarindo Beach in Guanacaste Costa Rica

Tamarindo is a great destination for surfers in some months of the year and it is also a good one for practicing fishing and other calmer activities such as snorkeling. The beach town has recently growingly presented great development along with all the tourist services a visitor needs.Guanacaste Costa Rica

All these characteristics, plus its location near the Tamarindo National Wildlife Refuge containing estuaries, mangroves, rivers, and acres of breathtaking forest make it perfect for water and land tours, attracting visitors from all over the world each year.

  1. The Gorgeous Playa Avellanas

This beautiful beach is just a few minutes away from the marvelous Tamarindo Beach with ultimately results tourist friendly since such beach town has so many important services for tourists. This beach is near the Ostional Wildlife Refuge as well as the Marino Las Baulas National Park. This is a place to witness the magic of the endangered sea turtles during their nesting.

  1. Playa del Coco, the Place to PartyGuanacaste Costa Rica

Near the mythical Coco Island, Playa del Coco is a beautiful location with white-grey waters. This is actually one the favorite Guanacaste Costa Rica destinations for tourists to spend their holidays and foreigners as well. Due to the big quantity of visitors that go to this location looking to party and enjoy the nightlife of the place, it is not recommended for those looking to kick back and relax quietly, this is definitely a place for those looking for fun.

  1. The Calm Playa Potrero

This beautiful destination is located near Flamingo Beach. Contrary to Playa del Coco, this is a place where you can go to relax. The turquoise waters of Playa Potrero are perfect for snorkeling, fishing and scuba diving, among others and the beach is near the Palo Verde Natural Reserve and the Santa Rosa National Park where you can go to delight from the beauty of the nearby rainforests.

  1. Playa Flamingo or Playa Blanca

Guanacaste Costa Rica
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This beach is a wonderful natural attraction characterized with having white sand. Not specifically a place with an active wildlife, with a great place for your Costa Rica vacations since it has amazing hotels and resorts, as well as private properties used as rental homes for tourists. The beach is near the Marino Las Baulas National Park and beautiful mangroves and rivers, it is a great destination for your vacations.

  1. Playa Grande

This is an amazing destination as if you are an animal lover, one of the things to do in Costa Rica you cannot miss doing is witnessing the amazing phenomenon that is watching the amazing arribadas of the female leatherback turtles who arrive to nest. This beach is also a popular location for surfers either experienced or learners.

  1. Papagayo Gulf

Papagayo gulf, popular for its amazing beaches, has a world class marina and it is a territory devoted to tourism growth and it is home of an increasingly fast expansion in home rental properties as well as resorts. The region is aimed at providing high quality services and it is near Rincón de La Vieja, Guanacaste, Marino Las Baulas and Santa Rosa National Parks. Its beaches are fit for swimming, snorkeling, fishing and others.

The Papagayo Gulf is a place for comfort and good service to tourists. There are many things to do in Costa Rica; however, the Papagayo Gulf and the Marina offer you many services so that the only thing you need to do is simply choose your special requirements and plans to start your vacations, and let the marina’s personnel help you spend the best of times.Guanacaste Costa Rica

There are countless destinations to visit in Costa Rica, as well as beaches; however, the Guanacaste Province is a place where you can find anything you want without missing out on important natural attractions you don’t want to miss. Amazing national parks, volcanoes and amazing marina are all a part of Guanacaste Costa Rica, it is only wise that if you decide to pack your bags to Costa Rica, you go directly to this amazing province!!

Which of these destinations and activities would you like to do first? Tell us in our comment section below!!

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7 Amazing Beaches in Guanacaste Costa Rica You Need to Visit
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7 Amazing Beaches in Guanacaste Costa Rica You Need to Visit
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