7 Sea Bird Species You Can Spot Costa Rica Sailing

There are many fun things you can do for vacations and going Costa Rica sailing is an amazing choice. If you love nature, while sailing in Costa Rica, you will get a chance to spot amazing sea birds. Did you know there are 800 species of birds in Costa Rica of which 200 are migratory? Bird spotters and visitors in general will be amazed at the biodiversity. These are the birds you might spot:

  • Brown Pelican (Pelecanus accidentalis)

This beautiful bird has a dark maroon-brown nape and neck. This species feeds on fish, but it may also feed on crustaceans, amphibians, and even other bird’s eggs. Its nesting locations are usually on islands, among sand dunes, and mangroves in secluded areas. This is the one, of the three species of pelicans that you can find in the Americas. The species has been threatened but there are efforts to protect it.7 Sea Bird Species You Can Spot Costa Rica Sailing

  • Brown booby ( Sula leucogaster)

This is a large seabird; the species is characterized for presenting sexual dimorphism. They have long tails and short wings, their heads and back are brown or dark and a white belly.  This species breeds on coastlines and islands; they also nest in large colonies. If you get a chance to spot one while on Costa Rica sailing tours you’ll see they are great divers. They feed on squid or fish.

  • Laughing gull (Leucophaeus atricilla)

This sea gull has a black head, a white tail and a long red beak. This is a migratory bird; its name derives from the high-pitched sound it makes which is similar to a laugh. These birds breed in large colonies on ponds and coastal marshes and they nest on the ground.  Like most gulls, these birds are omnivores and they may even scavenge looking for prey. They are a small species.7 Sea Bird Species You Can Spot Costa Rica Sailing

  • Black skimmer ( Rynchops niger)

This beautiful seabird breeds in North and South America. This is a migratory bird that can be spotted in here when it winters in the waters of the Pacific. They can also be spotted in the Caribbean. Their bills are black and red and it has red legs. This species breeds on sandbanks as well as on sandy beaches. They usually feed on insects, mollusks and crustaceans.

  • Black tern (Chilidonias niger)

Spotting these birds might be difficult Costa Rica sailing since this small bird is usually spotted in inland water. However, it is not impossible. It is covered in dark plumage; however, it can appear blue during its breeding season in some lights. They have short legs and a long bill, a grey back, a black head, a black cap and a grey tail. They breed on marshes of freshwater or on the ground near the water.

  • Franklin’s gull (Leucophaeus pipixcan)

This bird’s body is white with darker grey back and wings. Theirs wings have black tips and it has red legs and bill. These birds are omnivores and they breed in colonies near lakes. Their nests are constructed on the ground or sometimes on floating material.7 Sea Bird Species You Can Spot Costa Rica Sailing

  • Sandwich tern ( Thalasseus sandvicensis)

This sea bird has white under-parts and grey upper-parts, a black crest, and a bill with a yellow tip. This species feeds on fish by performing amazing dives. Amazingly, the male has a courting ritual where he offers fish to the female. This bird is also characterized by having a fork-like tail. The species breeds in colonies on islands and coasts and sometimes inland but not too far from the coast.

 Are There Other Seabird Species You Could Spot in Costa Rica Sailing?

Given that there are around 800 species in the country, you might; birdwatching is amazing in Costa Rica. You could see the Magnificent frigatebird (Fregata magnificens), the Royal tern (Thelasseus maximus), the Elegant tern (Thelasseus elegant) and others. The animal biodiversity of the country is very abundant and you will delight from it on Costa Rica sailing tours.Scuba Diving Costa Rica

What Other Animals Can you Spot on Costa Rica Sailing Charters?

Did you know that Costa Rica is home to 6% of the planets biodiversity? In such little territory for said abundance, the species are numerous. By going on Costa Rica sailing charters, you’ll get a chance to go Papagayo sportfishing and delight from a fun experience, where you will get in touch with nature and appreciate biodiversity. Costa Rica sportfishing charters are very common in the area.

There are many things you can do in Costa Rica; however, don’t forget to appreciate the wonderful biodiversity that characterizes it. Fortunately, most of the time, you won’t have to make such big an effort to marvel at this biodiversity. You can go on the Costa Rica sportfishing charters available at the Papagayo Marina; going Papagayo sportfishing is a marvelous idea for the family.

Take a moment to have the time of your life and visit the amazing Papagayo Peninsula. In the Marina, you will be able to hire Costa Rica sportfishing charters. Costa Rica sailing is an amazing experience!

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7 Sea Bird Species You Can Spot Costa Rica Sailing
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