Amazing Sailing Vacations in the Costa Rican Pacific Coast the last Trimester of the Year

Costa Rica is an incredible destination for spending fabulous sailing vacations; there are incredible infrastructures devoted to sailing activities and great conditions for it. Moreover, if you are planning your trip for this time of year, you might wonder about weather conditions and such; in this sense, there are just some factors to consider, but it is not necessary to put off your trip.

The Climate Conditions in Costa Rica

Costa Rica has two distinctive seasons; there is a ‘dry’ or ‘high’ season and a ‘rainy’ or ‘green’ season. As their names suggest, the ‘rainy’ season is characterized by numerous rainfalls, and the ‘dry’ is not; in addition, the name ‘green season’ makes reference to the lush green that ornaments the country when this season starts. Even though it gets rainy, it definitely gets beautiful too.

Regarding the rainy season, it is not like it rains continuously. That is also the case of the dry season; it may present a few showers. Nevertheless, the green season is characterized by heavy showers mostly in the afternoons; this means that you can still enjoy sunny mornings and sunbathe at the beach in this time. In addition, some areas of the country don’t necessarily follow this rule 100%.

Is it Smart to Go on Sailing Vacations in Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast the last Trimester of the Year?

Sailing Vacations

The last trimester of the year is characterized by heavy showers, but then they disappear as the year ends; the green season ends in mid-December, which means if you’re in Costa Rica by this month, you see the change. The change of the seasons is a good time to visit Costa Rica for many reasons; one of them is that the vegetation is lush and flowers are more colorful than ever.

If you’re thinking of sailing Costa Rica, you might be thinking that it’s better to put off your trip; there is one recommendation, there’s no need unless you actually see breaking news of natural extreme conditions. The area of the Pacific Coastline does get heavy showers by the end of the year before ‘dry’ season starts; however, right at the end of the year, it gets a lot drier.

Are there Good Facilities and Infrastructure to go Sailing Costa Rica?

Fortunately, Costa Rica has the most luxurious marina; sailing vacations in Costa Rica can be nothing but luxurious, comfortable, adventurous, and stress free. The marvelous Marina Papagayo has close to 200 slips for amazing vessels; in addition, it offers yacht management services and incredible sailing charters. They can also help you go on incredible water adventures.

When it comes to water activities, the fabulous marina has amazing vessels for sailing charters and trained staff; the wonderful staff of the marina may help guide you on adventures. They will also teach you new skills, and ensure your safety and fun at all times; there are snorkeling tours, scuba diving trips, and surfing experiences you can enjoy with the help of the marina.

Vacations in the Gulf of Papagayo

Some Popular Sailing Experiences you must Enjoy on your Sailing Vacations

One of the most popular water tours for the adventurous clients is surfing; many visitors actually come to Costa Rica’s Pacific Coastline to visit two on this country’s most incredible surfing destinations. These surfing spots are known as ‘Witch’s Rock’ and ‘Ollie’s Point Costa Rica’. They are so popular among surfers that the latter, ‘Ollie’s Point Costa Rica’, actually featured in a Hollywood film.

Other popular sailing activity is sport fishing; there are many tours to and from Tamarindo Beach. This is an area actually known for its world-class sport fishing. Last, but not least, water sports like snorkeling and scuba diving are also very popular in Costa Rica; one of the main reasons for this is the abundant marine biodiversity that characterizes the waters of Costa Rica’s coastlines.

Some Advantages of Going on Costa Rica Sailing Charters this Time of Year

Sailing Vacations

Although there may be some disadvantages to traveling to Costa Rica this time of year, there are also some advantages; surely, you should take into consideration the activities you plan and the time of day you them for. Nevertheless, there are some nice advantages to choosing this time of year for your sailing vacations in Costa Rica. One of them is that you will find Costa Rica less crowded.

If you are one of those who prefer calmer locations without so many people, this is a good time; the ‘green season’ is also the low season in Costa Rica, and there are fewer visitors around. In addition, if you plan on going on Costa Rica sailing charters during this time, prices will be lower; this, and other tourist services, will result more economic for you in your sailing vacations.

Don’t put off your trip any longer, and make a visit to this wonderful Central American paradise!

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Amazing Sailing Vacations in the Costa Rican Pacific Coast the last Trimester of the Year
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