The Best Activities you Can Do in Costa Rica Sailing Charters in Guanacaste Province

Costa Rica is an excellent place to spend adventurous vacations; by going on Costa Rica sailing charters, you can experience the most exciting tours by the sea. In the case of Guanacaste Province, the Pacific Ocean borders it and there are incredible spots for water adventures; in addition, there are amazing places offering these services like the Papagayo Marina.

Activities you can do in Costa Rica Sailing Charters:

1)      Snorkeling Costa Rica

Costa Rica occupies 0.03% of the world’s territory, but at the same time possesses 6% of its biodiversity; this includes the marine wildlife, and in the Pacific Ocean, which is the seacoast that borders Guanacaste, there is plenty. For this reason, there are many tours available for snorkeling Costa Rica; as in the Caribbean coastline, there are many beach towns with crystal clear waters.

Costa Rica Sailing Charters in Guanacaste Province

Papagayo Peninsula has the most luxurious marina of Latin America and there are many snorkeling tours available with them; these tours may include snacks, drinks and comfort in a private yacht Costa Rica. Some of the recommended locations for snorkeling are Flamingo, Grande, Tamarindo, Conchal Beaches, and others; from schools of fish, to sea turtles, rays, and even sharks, the diversity is unbelievable.

2)     Sportfishing in Costa Rica

The Papagayo Gulf is popular among tourists for many reasons, and sportfishing is one of them; the beaches of the North Pacific Costa Rican Coast are word-class destinations for sportfishing. There are sportfishing tours available, fishing gear, lessons, and fishing guides; the clear waters and rich biodiversity if the region, also make this a perfect location for the practice.

There are many specific spots for sportfishing; however, Tamarindo fishing charters are very popular. Flamingo, Hermosa, Potrero, Grande, and Coco Beach are also famous for the practice as are the Tamarindo fishing charters; here you can find all the equipment and guidance you need. The luxurious Papagayo Marina can help you hire these amazing tours.

Costa Rica Sailing Charters in Guanacaste Province

3)  Scuba Diving Costa Rica

As in the case of snorkeling, Costa Rica has clear waters for scuba diving; it also has great biodiversity, which makes it perfect for the practice. The destinations for doing snorkeling are usually the same as for snorkeling; however, some safety concerns additional to snorkeling have to be considered. There is more equipment involved and more technique to the practice.

Popular among Costa Rica sailing charters, tours including scuba diving adventures include many things; the gear, the lessons, the guidance, and safety measures are provided in these tours conducted by trained personnel.

4)      Surfing in Costa Rica

One of the main reasons Costa Rica is so popular among tourists worldwide is because of surfing; there are amazing beaches with perfect conditions for surfing and there are even world-championships that take place in Costa Rica. There are actually two very popular spots you can visit on a sailing charter Costa Rica:

a)       Ollie’s Point Costa Rica

Ollie’s Point Costa Rica is one of the most popular surfing pots of the country; it is located in the seawaters of Santa Rosa National Park, just offshore the beautiful Potrero Grande Beach. It is one of the best surfing destinations; however, you cannot access it by car, but rather by boat tours or an amazing sailing charter Costa Rica. The site appeared in a famous movie called Endless Summer II which gave it more popularity.

b)      Witch’s Rock Costa Rica

Witch’s Rock is another popular surfing spot in Costa Rica; it is also located offshore from Naranjo Beach, which is a part of the Santa Rosa National Park.  Also difficult to access by car, the best way to get to Naranjo Beach is by boat ride. The spot is known for this name because of a rock formation in the middle of the sea; many tourists worldwide visit this spot every year as well.

Costa Rica Sailing Charters in Guanacaste Province

In addition to Witch’s Rock and Ollie’s Point, there are several other surfing spots; plus there are places with conditions for first-timers or experienced surfers, and there are lessons available if needed.

c)     Windsurfing, Stand Up Paddle Board, Kayaking and More

There are many other water sports you can practice in Costa Rica. For more athletic tastes, there is Windsurfing, Stand Up Paddle Board, and many other practices you can try; there are several pro shops available and lessons for anything you want to try. In addition, you can do sea kayaking which is very fun; nevertheless, many of these sports, you can also try in the enormous lakes and rivers of the country.

If you are planning Costa Rica vacations by the sea, there are many options for you; you can also do it with the guarantee of class and comfort, you can even rent a private yacht Costa Rica. Don’t waste any more time planning your vacations and Costa Rica sailing charters, and visit now!

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The Best Activities you Can Do in Costa Rica Sailing Charters in Guanacaste Province
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