The Best Snorkeling in Costa Rica is in Guanacaste Province

If you are an animal lover and specifically enjoy marine wildlife, the best snorkeling in Costa Rica is in Guanacaste. Costa Rica is known for its mesmerizing natural beauty and adventure tours; the country is a pioneer when it comes to ecotourism and it has high-quality services in the industry. There are two coastlines in Costa Rica, but the best area to go on snorkeling tours is Guanacaste Province.

The Papagayo Marina

One of the reasons why Guanacaste has great snorkeling tours is the many Costa Rica sailing charters available; of these, the best are in the Papagayo Marina. This marina is the most luxurious in Latin America. It’s part of a development project enforced in the Papagayo Peninsula to turn the area into an incredible tourist hub; it has the most luxurious, efficient and modern services in Costa Rica.

The Papagayo Marina, therefore, offers tourists numerous activities and services along with its Costa Rica sailing charters. There are Costa Rica boat charters, Costa Rica fishing charters, tours to go scuba diving, surfing, and amazing snorkeling tours. The wonderful marina offers tourists experiences by the sea, whether they have experience sailing or not; it is incredible service.

Where is the Best Snorkeling in Costa Rica?

One of the best destinations for snorkeling in the Northeastern Province of Guanacaste is the Papagayo Gulf. In the area, there are approximately 400 species that you might see underwater. There are several bays and amazing beaches which the tours from the Papagayo Marina pay a visit to; besides being great destinations for snorkeling, they are fascinating tourist destinations where you can other fun activities.

  1. Ocotal Beach

Ocotal Beach is a gorgeous beach town; it is located less than 2 miles away from Coco Beach. As opposed to it, Ocotal Beach is a developed, yet still maintains a laid-back vibe. Ocotal Beach is a great destination for snorkeling as it has great biodiversity; one of the animal species you can spot is the ray; more specifically, you might be able to spot the incredible giant oceanic manta ray.

Snorkeling in Costa Rica


Ocotal Beach also has great accommodation options; including luxurious villas and hotels, there are options for every taste. This beach is an option for those who enjoy the active Coco Beach but rather stay in a calmer location; one of the best snorkeling in Costa Rica surely takes place in Ocotal Beach.

  1. Hermosa Beach

Very close to Papagayo Peninsula is Hermosa Beach; the crystal clear waters of its beach allow activities like scuba diving and snorkeling among others like windsurfing, kayaking, etc. There is another Hermosa Beach in Puntarenas Province; however, its waters are not as calm, and it is more of a surfing destination. In this Hermosa Beach, the species you get to see are numerous.

The species you might see include: the Mexican hogfish, the Cortez angelfish, the Cortez rainbow wrasse, the beaubrummel, the long-spine porcupine fish and more. In addition, this aazing beach town offers incredible residence rentals and there are various hotels nearby.

  1. Panama Beach

This fabulous beach also has crystal clear waters that make possible underwater activities like scuba diving and snorkeling. Besides being able to do snorkeling Costa Rica in this beautiful beach town; Panama Beach has incredible residence rentals and luxurious hotels. If you are looking for comfort and luxury, you can find suitable options for you in this incredible beach town.

Water Adventures: Snorkeling, Scuba Diving, Costa Rica Sailing and More

  1. Other Locations where you Can Go Snorkeling Costa Rica

These are just some locations where you can do snorkeling near the Papagayo Gulf; however, these are not the only locations. To the South, there are some incredible spots to do snorkeling or scuba diving; in Guanacaste, for example, there are also some islands where you can delight from the marine wildlife. Tortuga Island, not too far from the Papagayo Peninsula is another excellent snorkeling destination.

In addition, there are other spots where you can go snorkeling; there are some locations to the South of the Pacific Coastline that you could visit on Costa Rica boat charters. Last but not least, if you get to visit the Caribbean Coastline, there are some good spots for snorkeling too.

Other Services Offered by the Marina Papagayo

The Marina Papagayo offers incredible services; whatever activity you want to do by the sea, they can help you. Whether you want to go snorkeling, scuba diving, go on Costa Rica fishing charters, surfing, or sea kayaking, you can. The Marina Papagayo is equipped with the best staff, facilities, vessels, and contacts to help their customers with everything.

The Papagayo Marina provides accommodation, transportation, and guidance with the activities you choose to do; not only do you have the best snorkeling in Costa Rica, but also the great Marina Papagayo. This marina, the most luxurious of Latin America, will help you spendwhat surely will be the best vacations you have!

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The Best Snorkeling in Costa Rica is in Guanacaste Province
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