The Best Tourist Features of Papagayo Costa Rica

Imagine a whole area of natural beauty destined for tourism and pleasure: that is Papagayo Costa Rica. The Papagayo Peninsula has turned from a natural paradise, to a natural paradise with all the luxury and services needed. Far from being a desserted territory, this area has developed greatly resulting in one of the best tourist destinations. These are some of the best features of the area:

Amazing Resorts and House Rental Complexes

The area counts with the best resorts and housing complexes; it is all part of a project that aims to improve conditions for tourism. The idea is to benefit from the beauty and richness of natural resources in the area while promoting environmental preservation. As a result, the tourism industry has grown greatly; therefore, it is an area meant for vacationing.

Therefore the best resorts and villa rentals have been built in order to offer different lodging options to tourists. Furthermore, they offer entertainment services of the highest quality for tourists of the area. Sports facilities, transportations services and luxury yacht rentals Costa Rica have been built to satisfy the needs of their customers; it’s not just good accommodation options, they are the best.Papagayo Costa Rica

Incredible Facilities for Entertainment and Pleasure

The Papagayo Peninsula counts with amazing tennis courts, there is a fabulous golf court, spas, gyms, beauty salons and more. If you want to spend your days taking care of yourself, and forgetting about your responsibilities, there are options; you can simply visit these wonderful facilities. The golf course, for example, is a paradise facing the Pacific Ocean; it’s wonderful!

In addition, the wonderful tennis courts, and beauty and health care facilities are of the highest quality and best designs. Also, there are options for the end of the day. There are amazing bars, restaurants and cafés; so, if you want to unwind at the end of the day, there are plenty of beachfront options. You will be able to taste delicious drinks, have a few cocktails and maybe go for a dance!

The Wonderful and Luxurious Marina of Papagayo Costa Rica

One of the best attractions of Papagayo Peninsula is its luxurious marina. Designed to offer services of the highest quality, it is considered the most luxurious of Latin America. Here, you can find services of luxury yacht rentals Costa Rica, and other water activities popular in the Peninsula Papagayo Costa Rica. These are mainly sailing tours; if you seek sailing vacations, this is your destination.Water Adventures: Snorkeling, Scuba Diving, Costa Rica Sailing and More

With the marina, you can go Costa Rica sportfishing; you can try tours like snorkeling and scuba diving, or even rent a yacht for a day Costa Rica. Spending sailing vacations in Costa Rica is an unforgettable experience; while you go on amazing tours like Costa Rica sportfishing, you enjoy other perks. You see amazing sights, drink fabulous cocktails and are served with delicious food.

Natural Attractions Nearby

The biggest natural attractions are protected in Costa Rica; there are fascinating national parks and wildlife reserves with abundant diversity. In this sense, if you are staying in the Peninsula Papagayo Costa Rica, you are near some national parks like: Palo Verde, Santa Rosa, Guanacaste and Rincon de La Vieja. However, there are others not too far from the Peninsula.

In addition, the whole area has had this major development in concordance with the environmental preservation policies; therefore, just the peninsula is a breathtaking site. There are even golf carts that you can rent and go for a ride around the area; even at the golf course, natural surroundings are amazing. You can be playing golf with the ocean in the background and seeing animals visiting the course from the surrounding forests.

Easy Access

Another great feature of the area is that there is easy access to it. The city of Liberia, the capital of Guanacaste Province, where the peninsula resides, is very near the peninsula. This is an advantage given that many tourists arrive in the country through Liberia’s international airport. Furthermore, there are more than enough options regarding good transportation to your exact destination.Papagayo Costa Rica

In addition, some people actually visit Costa Rica by the sea in their sailing vacations and arrive in Costa Rica’s Marina. In this sense, it is safe to say that the marina provides a service of very high quality. Some visit and decide to rent a yacht for a day Costa Rica or arrive in their own vessel; whatever the case is, the marina provides personalized attention and services of the highest quality and luxury.

Costa Rica is a great choice for an amazing vacation, but even more so, it is the area of Papagayo Costa Rica. The best hotels, tourist activities and natural attractions are nearby; plus, you have the wonderful Marina Papagayo. It is a place to enjoy luxury and most of all, to spend your days by the sea.

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The Best Tourist Features of Papagayo Costa Rica
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