Costa Rica Sailing and 6 Water Activities you Must Do in Costa Rica!

Costa Rica is bordered by two oceans (the Caribbean and the Pacific), and it contains numerous rivers, creeks, lakes, mangroves and estuaries so that water activities such as Costa Rica sailing are very important and popular among visitors. There are other water activities for which Costa Rica is actually known for, which are surfing, kayaking, snorkeling, scuba diving, sport fishing, swimming and others.

For this reason, it is important that you plan out your trip well, as there are many land and water activities you can do, and you really don’t want to miss out on anything. If you are staying on the side of the Pacific Coast, or even better, if you enjoy sailing you should definitely visit the Papagayo Marina in the Guanacaste Province.  Not only do they have amazing facilities and services in the marina, they offer accommodation, food and other services.Costa Rica Sailing

What is the Papagayo Marina Project?

This is a project established in order to create a luxurious marina that would serve as stopping point as well as attract visitors not only because of the yacht Marina Papagayo charters but also to offer them facilities with highly comfortable and luxurious accommodations services for tourist and more permanent visitors as well. The territory that the project encompasses includes all the basic services for a five-star tourist experience.

Apart from the Costa Rica boat charters, there are many basic and V.I.P. services nearby, furthermore, the Marina counts with a personnel that is dedicated to making your trip an easy and fun adventure helping you forget about the tedious planning part of the trip. In this sense, they will help you throughout your trip planning the best and best suited for you activities.

What are some Water Activities you Can Do In Costa Rica apart from Costa Rica Sailing?

Take a time to do some land tours as National parks and Biological reserves among others are great attractions, and make the time to do the best water activities in Costa Rica. These are 6 water activities you can do:

Snorkeling is a must do activity in Costa Rica. This Central American country is extremely rich in biodiversity on land, as well as in the sea. For this reason, going snorkeling is a must do in Costa Rica. There are some tours like those Costa Rica sailing tours made to Isla del Caño where protection of the species is so important that even the number of swimmers at a time is restricted.

Snorkeling in Costa Rica will feel like swimming in an aquarium in some cases due to the high marine diversity. You can go to Tamarindo or Cocos Beach; there are many options that even mix snorkeling with other activities and you will get to see wonderful species.

There are many sport fishing activities is Costa Rica, since there is so much marine biodiversity. Although there are specific seasons more suitable for fishing certain species, this activity can actually be done all year-round in Costa Rica. It is possible that you catch a tuna, snapper, marlins, and even get to see a dolphin or a whale while you fish.

This is an experience that will truly make you feel like you are in an aquarium. Costa Rica’s marine life is amazing; there is a possibility of you seeing dolphins, whales, and manta rays.  These are guided tours by a perfectly trained personnel and they are done with equipment of the highest quality for your pleasure, and over all, safety.Costa Rica Sailing

Finally, there are also mammal observation tours you can go on, in which you sail away to a relaxing experience with a staff that will explain everything you need to know about the marine life of Costa Rica.

Apart from these activities there are other more popular such as kayaking and surfing. If you have the experience or you are willing to learn, surfing is a great activity to do in the waters of Costa Rica, which has perfect sports for this practice. Kayaking on the other hand, may not require much expertise, and there are also many kayaking tours and activities available for you in Costa Rica.Costa Rica Sailing

If you get the chance to stay at the marina and make use of the Costa Rica boat charters, more specifically acquire the services of the yacht Marina Papagayo charters, you are in for a treat. The amazing services of the marina personnel will make sure that this trip results in nothing more than fun and relaxation.

From planning your daily activities to helping you with private errands and help you with your Costa Rica sailing activities, your trip will be of the highest quality if you stay at the marina!

Help us complete this list, add two activities that you would like to do on your trips to Costa Rica! Leave your comment in the section below!!

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