Costa Rica Sailing: The National Parks on the Pacific Coastline

Costa Rica sailing is a relaxing experience, the landscapes, wildlife, and fun activities can make up for an amazing trip. If you go on Costa Rica sailing tours or you have your own vessel, options are many; however, sailing nearby these protected areas will allow you to witness an abundant wildlife. You can also engage in tourist activities of the area, there are souvenir stores and lessons in most beaches.

National Parks to Visit while Costa Rica Sailing

One of the parks that borders with the Pacific Ocean is Santa Rosa National Park. This park was the first to be created in Costa Rica in the early 70s; it is located to the Northwest of the country and covers a big part of the Santa Elena Peninsula. The park also has significant historic relevance and amazing landscapes in land as well as fun activities to do and a rich biodiversity.Costa Rica Sailing

The park is home to the historical monument “La Casona”; it is a tribute to an important battle that took place in Santa Rosa. The park is also home to 10 different life zones including dry tropical forests and mangrove swamps. The park encompasses a territory that comprises over 120,000 acres; it is also very close to Liberia and the International Daniel Oduber Quirós Airport (just over 20 miles away).

What Water Activities Can you Do here?

If you like water activities then the beaches of the area are perfect for you even if it is the first time. Did you know that Costa Rica is famous for hosting important surfing championships? Playa Naranjo is actually an excellent place to surf; there is a rocky formation known as Witch’s Rock that is an excellent surfing destination. The conditions are good for experts and first-timers.

These clear waters are also good for snorkeling in Costa Rica, kayaking, sport fishing and scuba diving Costa Rica. However, given the importance of the park and the wildlife it protects, nearby, in Nancite Beach, access might be restricted. This national park looks after the magical nesting ritual of the Riddley Turtles; for this reason Costa Rica sailing tours have a controlled access to the site.

How is the Marine Life of the Area?

This is a paradise for nature and animal lovers especially; if you’re in the country Costa Rica sailing then you will marvel at the many animal species you’ll see underwater. Most outstanding of all is the amazing ritual you can witness, the nesting ritual of the Riddley Turtles. Access is limited to the park; however, visitors are taken to a considerably far site where you can see this amazing event.Costa Rica Sailing

The marine life of the area is amazing; there are also islands nearby in the Murcielago Bay that you can visit. Whether you are Costa Rica sailing on your own vessel or taking Costa Rica sailing tours, you will get to see amazing animal species. There are actually Costa Rica sailing tours to go see whales and dolphins; it is an amazing experience you cannot miss on the waters of the Pacific Ocean.

This fascinating national park is also located in the Guanacaste Province and it was created in 1990. Just as Santa Rosa National Park, it is a very important sea turtles nesting location. The park comprises beautiful beaches of the Pacific Ocean including: Playa Langosta, Playa Grande, Playa Carbon, and Playa Ventanas. It encompasses over 400 hectares of territory and extends 12 miles offshore.

Furthermore, the park also has two mangrove swamps besides the coastline; Tamarindo and San Francisco estuary also ornament the site, and the latter is actually the biggest in Latin America. The park is not far from Liberia Airport and there is also access through the Tamarindo Estuary by boat ride. It is a perfect place for a family vacation.

What Water Activities Can you Do in this Park?

Given that this park is devoted to the preservation of the Leatherback sea Turtles, most activities are devoted to viewing them. However, you can surf in Playa Grande; there are other activities you can do like kayaking, do snorkeling in Costa Rica and scuba diving Costa Rica. Given that this is a protected area, the animal species you will get to see are abundant and will amaze you.Costa Rica Sailing

There are many things to do in Costa Rica; however any of the Costa Rica sailing tours are worth taking. Costa Rica sailing charters are also an option if you do not arrive with your own vessel; you can get this information with the Marina Papagayo. Costa Rica sailing charters will show you the coast side of the country and its many wonders.

There aren’t just land tours in this country; Costa Rica sailing in the Pacific Ocean is something you have to do in Costa Rica!

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Costa Rica Sailing: The National Parks on the Pacific Coastline
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