Costa Rica Sailing Tours: Perfect for Family Vacations!

There are many fun and amazing activities in Costa Rica; if you are traveling with your family, Costa Rica Sailing tours are highly recommended! Costa Rica sailing combines luxury, relaxation, comfort, excitement, nature, good food and sharing wonderful moments. Although visits to national parks and nature reserves are a must-do in Costa Rica, sailing tours a perfect for family vacations.

Where Can You Stay in Costa Rica?

There are many magical destinations in Costa Rica, so it is very hard to recommend just one. However, travelers do prefer to visit Guanacaste as this province has many areas that have developed greatly, regarding tourism. The province is located to the North West of the country bordering with the Pacific Ocean, so it is a perfect area to stay and try Costa Rica sailing.Vacation Rentals in Papagayo

More specifically, if you are interested in sailing, you should head to Marina Papagayo Costa Rica. The Marina Project has positively invaded Papagayo Peninsula to make it a tourist hub for travelers from all over the world. Therefore, the area is not only convenient due to its convenient location; it also has all the basic and entertainment services you seek in a luxurious vacation.

How Are the Costa Rica Sailing Tours You Can Go on in your Family Vacations?

There are some tours in which you go sailing in a luxurious vessel, where there are snacks and meals served; then you are taken to a fabulous island or secluded beach and you can go snorkeling and scuba diving. There are other water activities you can do, like Stand Up paddle board, sport fishing, surfing and simply swimming; it is a nature-oriented experience within luxury, comfort and fun.Costa Rica Sailing Tours

Furthermore, there are other options if you’re not staying right by the beach and wish to stay longer in land. There are many national parks and biological reserves with activities to do in land; however, if you don’t feel like spending all your vacations by the beach, you can go on shorter tours. There are one-day and half-day beach tours that are perfect for your family vacations.

How are Half Day Beach Tours?

Half Day beach tours are perfect your family having fun. First you will be taken to a paradisiacal beach and start with snorkeling; you can do this in all Costa Rica sailing tours (if you have the equipment). it is a fun but relaxing experience at the same time; you will get to explore the abundant marine life of Costa Rica. Did you know Costa Rica has over 5% of the world’s biodiversity?

After going snorkeling, you can have fun with beach games; you can play beach soccer, beach tennis, volleyball and others. The staff will provide you with equipment and water toys to ensure the fun. There will be music and snacks; by the end of the tour, you can have an amazing lunch. A GoPro camera also joins the fun to help you document this wonderful experience.

How Are Full Day Beach Tours?

Similarly to half day tours, you will be taken to a magical destination, a beautiful beach to spend the day with your family.  As well as with the half day tour, you would start having fun and delighting from the wonderful sight snorkeling; afterwards, you can move on to playing beach games as you will also be provided with equipment and beach toys. A lot of fun!Costa Rica Sailing Tours

It is a fun day at the beach; there will be music, and as well as with the half day tour, you will be provided a delicious lunch. Besides snorkeling, you can also try Stand Up paddle board; this is a fun activity and you do not experience. You can also go fishing, and you can do this at Monkey Head; this is a diving destination, popular among tourists in Costa Rica. You can also rent jet skis.

Are There Other Fun Sailing Experiences?

You can go on longer sailing experiences, and it is totally worth it. You can contact Costa Rica yacht charters and go on longer Costa Rica sailing tours. In these tours, you can go on scuba diving Costa Rica, sport fishing, snorkeling and do many other things. The staff is well equipped as well as trained, they are usually bilingual and will seek to service you. You will not regret it.Costa Rica Sailing Tours

There are actually many beaches near the Marina Papagayo Costa Rica and things to do by the beach; which is why many people decide to spend their whole vacation by the water by contacting Costa Rica yacht charters. Activities like scuba diving Costa Rica will get you back in contact with nature and forget about routine. Spending a few days relaxing in a luxurious yacht may just be what you need.

Try Costa Rica sailing tours and leave all your problems behind!

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Costa Rica Sailing Tours: Perfect for Family Vacations!
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