Costa Rica Sailing Vacations: Incredible Natural Attractions by the Beach in Guanacaste

Costa Rica is known for amazing natural attractions; furthermore, if you enjoy the sea, you can spend amazing sailing vacations. There are numerous adventurous activities in land and by the sea where you can have lots of fun; plus, for nature lovers, you can witness the incredible biodiversity. This country has become one of the best tourist destinations and there are amazing natural attractions by the sea.

National Parks and Nature Reserves you Can Visit in your Costa Rica Sailing Vacations

Costa Rica SailingSanta Rosa is the National Park located to most Northern part of Guanacaste Province; it is also located on the West of the country so it borders with the Pacific Ocean. Santa Rosa has a historical importance in Costa Rica; it was the first national park founded in the country and it has a museum in it. It has abundant biodiversity and great in-land and off-shore attractions and fun activities to do.

There are some beaches you can visit in Santa Rosa National Park in Costa Rica sailing charters; some of the beaches are Naranjo, Nance, Potrero Grande, Colorada, and Blanca Beaches. On these sailing charters, not only can you have fun, but you can also see the abundant wildlife; one incredible attraction of the park is the nesting ritual of the Ridley Turtles that takes place in the park.

Fun Adventures by the Sea in Santa Rosa National Park

One of the most common activities you can do is surfing; there is a popular surfing spot by a rocky formation called Witch’s Rock. It is located off-shore near Naranjo Beach, and it is popular among surfers worldwide.  The good thing about this area is that first-timers and experts alike can surf in this area; hire a guide with your sailing charters if you have no experience, and prepare to have a lot of fun.

The Park is a great area to observe the varied wildlife both in land and underwater; one of the species that catches people’s attention the most is the Ridley Turtle. This species performs its nesting ritual in the shores of Santa Rosa National Park; this is one of the main reasons this is a protected area.

Costa Rica SailingLas Baulas Marine National Park in your sailing vacations is a must-visit destination; this area receives this name due to the species it mainly protects: the “baulas”, which is Spanish for Leatherback sea Turtles. These turtles perform their incredible nesting ritual in this park, and they do it on the shore of Grande Beach. This ritual attracts many tourists worldwide.

The park protects over 55 thousand acres of territory, including a swampy mangrove coastline and tropical forests. The park has a rich wildlife including almost two hundred bird species, in-land species as well as an abundant marine life. It is located near Tamarindo, so if you go on the popular Tamarindo fishing tours, remember to visit this awesome park as well.

Fun Activities you can do in Las Baulas Marine National Park

The area is very much monitored due to the species it protects; however, if you are staying nearby, in Tamarindo, you can go Tamarindo fishing. Other fun activities you can do in this area is go surking, kayaking, and more; some of the best Costa Rica sportfishing actually takes place in this area. You will not regret going on Costa Rica boat charters in this area.

Ostional Wildlife Refuge comprises over six hundred acres of territory; it is located South of Las Baulas Marine Narional Park and comprises Nosara and Ostional Beaches and Ostional town. The main species that this park protects is the Olive Ridley sea Turtle; this species performs its nesting ritual in this park’s beaches and that’s reason why many visitors come to the park.

Fun Activities by the Sea

The main attraction of this park is to see the amazing nesting ritual of the Olive Ridley sea turtles. If you are interested in doing activities by the sea, the area is also very well monitored; this is due to the protection of the sea turtles. However, if you are on Costa Rica boat charters nearby you get to see abundant marine life and amazing sights; plus, you get to do other popular activities.

Other activities in the area include snorkeling and scuba diving; in addition, the area is near Tamarindo Beach, so if you are already sailing, you can go Tamarindo fishing. Given that this area, as well as marine areas in the previously mentioned national parks, is so protected, wildlife’s varied. If you go on Costa Rica sailing vacations, you will surely delight on the abundant marine life.

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Costa Rica Sailing Vacations: Incredible Natural Attractions by the Beach in Guanacaste
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