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Fly Fishing

When the tropical fig trees begin to flower during Costa Rica’s idyllic dry season, some of the best fishing in Central America can be had here. The so-called “flower-hatch” begins in mid-January and lasts through April most years. As flower petals and  fig fruits hit the water, machaca  begin looking up, and they rise with reckless abandon to well-presented flies (think, plop!) We fish a number of remote and little-fished rivers that fall from Costa Rica’s stunning volcanoes and feed into sprawling Lake Nicaragua, where some of the world’s biggest machaca live.

And we are constantly on the hunt for new and exciting places to fish. No one knows this fishery as well as we do – we guarantee you’ll love it.

Season: Costa Rica’s rainforest trees flower and bear fruit from February to May. This is ideal time to fish machaca; however, the fish are present in our rivers year-round, and the fishing can be excellent almost anytime. Please call or email for the latest conditions.