Hermosa and Culebra Bays: Two great Bays to Go Costa Rica Sailing

Costa Rica sailing is one of the many ways in which you can get to know a part of this paradisiacal country. Certainly Costa Rica has many in land attractions, as it is the case of its national parks and wildlife reserves; however, there are also amazing attractions by the seaside and there are many Costa Rica sailing tours to do so. Culebra and Hermosa Bay are two areas where you can sail to visit wonderful beaches.

Hermosa Bay

This amazing natural feature is located in the West Coast of Costa Rica; its waters are those of the Pacific Ocean. The Bay is part of the Guanacaste Province, which is a popular tourist destination northwest of the country. You can go on a luxury yacht charter Costa Rica sailing towards Hermosa Bay and visit the wonderful Beaches: Hermosa (“Gorgeous” in Spanish) and Penca.

  1. Hermosa Beach

Hermosa Beach is a very popular destination, not only does it have great natural attractions but also great tourist services.  The vacation rental homes in Hermosa Beach, for example, are remarkable; they are very luxurious and in great natural surroundings. There are also many fun activities you can do in Hermosa Beach, such as scuba diving, sport fishing and snorkeling.Snorkeling in Costa Rica

It is important to distinguish this Hermosa from another beach with the same name which is a popular surfing destination.

  1. Penca Beach

Penca Beach is not as popular as Hermosa Beach with respect to tourism; however, its natural beauty makes it a place worth visiting. It has gorgeous white sand and crystal clear turquoise waters; as opposed to other neighboring and more popular beach towns, this town is a quieter place to relax. You could sail to Penca Beach to get away from anything that is troubling your mind.

Penca Beach is located between Prieta and Potrero Beach which are other beautiful beaches you won’t regret to visit.

Culebra Bay

This would be the following bay to the North of Hermosa Bay if you are looking at a map and towards the South of the Papagayo Peninsula. It’s a great idea to visit the nearby beaches of the peninsula sailing across the Western Costa Rican coast line; Culebra Bay would be the first bay you come across and there’s plenty of amazing beach towns you can visit!

  1. Iguanita Beach

Costa Rica sailing South from the Marina Papagayo, the first beach you will come across is Iguanita. This beautiful beach does not have the best lodging options, which is why you can go sailing to visit; you can stay in the fabulous vacation rentals in Papagayo Costa Rica and go on amazing Costa Rica sailing tours to beaches like these during the day.Marina Papagayo Costa Rica

Iguanita Beach is surrounded by fascinating natural landscapes which made way for it to be turned into a Wildlife Refuge; this way, the rich vegetation, numerous bird species, endangered sea turtles of the area have a secure site.

  1. Arenillas Beach

If you continue sailing towards the South, you will find Arenillas Beach. North of Panama Bay, you can find this paradisiacal beach; this is not one of the most popular tourist destinations, but it’s truly beautiful and worth visiting. It may not be as crowded as other neighboring cities; however, there are several tourist activities you can do in this beach of golden sand.

The access to this beach is not quite restricted, but you do need to go through a hotel to enter. Once you pass, the way to the beach is not too easy; for this reason, accessing it by the sea is a fairly good option.  When taking a luxury yacht charter Costa Rica to Arenillas Beach, you can take the chance to visit neighboring beaches such as: Buena, Monarca, Bonita, Cabuyal, and others.

What are the Best Lodging Options for a Costa Rica Sailing Trip?

The Marina Papagayo Costa Rica has the best sailing tours, vessels and related services; for this reason, the best idea is to plan a trip staying in Papagayo Peninsula and sail from the marina. The area where the Marina Papagayo Costa Rica was built is surrounded by fabulous hotels, rentals homes and services. It is an area that is going through continuous growth regarding tourism.

There are incredible options in vacation rentals in Papagayo Costa Rica (where the marina is located); in these rental homes, you will have all the services of a luxurious resort while surrounded by incredible natural surroundings. You can plan your trip sailing during the day; in addition, you can leave the end of your days to relax in bar or restaurant by the beach back in Papagayo Peninsula.

Culebra and Hermosa Bays are natural feautures that contain several beach towns where you will delight in Costa Rica’s natural beauty. Furthermore, it’s not like these areas don’t have good lodging options; if you are looking for luxury, Hermosa Beach does have great rentals.  However, if your plan is to go Costa Rica sailing, stay in Papagayo Peninsula and sailing during the day; you’ll never forget the experience!

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Hermosa and Culebra Bays: Two great Bays to Go Costa Rica Sailing
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