Hermosa and Coco Bays: Beaches you Can Visit while Costa Rica Sailing

It is very important that you go Costa Rica sailing if you truly want to see all the best of Costa Rica; in this sense, there are two amazing bays with wonderful beaches in them to visit going on Costa Rica sailing tours. The beautiful Papagayo Peninsula has developed to offer the best services of the tourism industry; this development includes a luxurious marina that will facilitate you going on great sea adventures.

The Marina Papagayo Costa Rica

The fabulous marina was built in order to enhance the experiences by the sea. It does not only give a new set of entertainment possibilities to tourists, it provides the best luxury yacht charter Costa Rica experience. In the Papagayo Marina, you can go on incredible Costa Rica sailing tours and also hire amazing tourist services; it is a result of a project aiming to ensure tourist satisfaction in a luxurious experience by the sea.Costa Rica Sailing

Hermosa Bay

If you sail off from the Marina Papagayo Costa Rica, Hermosa Bay is the third bay you will come across.  This beautiful bay (as its name rightfully indicates in Spanish) comprises 3 beaches: Hermosa, Penca, and Calzón de Pobre Beaches.

  1. Hermosa Beach

Hermosa Beach is a popular tourist destination, with calm waters that attract tourists for the many water sports available; you can go snorkeling, sport fishing, or scuba diving Costa Rica in Hermosa Beach and find the equipment or lessons. There is another Hermosa Beach Southward in the Central Pacific Coast; as opposed to this beach, its waters are not calm but rather perfect for surfing.

Hermosa Beach in Hermosa Bay also attracts many of its visitors due to the fabulous luxury beachfront villas Costa Rica; this is destination can easily be your first choice if you are looking for a beautiful town with all the necessary services.

  1. Calzon de Pobre Beach

This beach’s name has an interesting meaning: it can be translated as “Poor man’s underwear”. Southwest of Hermosa Beach is this small beach to which you need a 4×4 vehicle in order to access; it is a secluded destination without many accommodation options. Unlike Hermosa Beach, if you look for comfort and luxury, this is nottaking  a great place with great lodging options.Costa Rica Sailing

If you decide to visit this beach you can do the following: go on Costa Rica sailing tours but stay back in Papagayo Pninsula near the Papagayo Marina. The other best accommodation options nearby are in Hermosa and in Coco Beach.


  1. La Penca Beach

This is the third and final beach you’ll come across in Hermosa Bay if you are Costa Rica sailing southward; it is a beautiful location.  La Penca is a beach without that many tourist facilities and development; nevertheless, it is a great place to visit Costa Rica Sailing and spend a great day by the beach. It is perfect for relaxing, sunbathing, sport fishing and hikes in the surrounding areas.

If you wish to visit this beach but seek the most luxurious lodging options, this isn’t the place for it; it is better that you stay back in Papagayo Penisula after returning from your sailing experience.

Coco Bay

This bay is the one you will come across next if you continue sailing southward. This bay is very popular among tourists and Ticos alike; it is a favorite destination during the holidays. For those seeking to experience the Costa Rican ongoing fiesta and interact with the “pura vida” lifestyle, visit Coco beach. It may be crowded and far from quiet, but you will surely have a good time.

  1. Coco Beach

Coco Beach is the only beach you will find in this beautiful bay. In Coco Beach, you will find amazing luxury beachfront villas Costa Rica, great restaurants and cafes, bars and more. You will find all the basic services you need and when it comes to entertainment; it is guaranteed. Coco Beach has developed greatly regarding tourism and transportation, accommodation and other services are the best.Costa Rica Sailing

Furthermore, Coco Beach is popular for the many water sports you can do; Coco Beach is popular because you can go snorkeling, do sport fishing or scuba diving Costa Rica, among other options. In addition, Coco Beach is popular for its active nightlife; therefore, if you are a young soul searching for the real Tico parties with your friends, Coco Beach is perfect for you.

One of the best ways to visit the Pacific Coastline in Costa Rica is by going Costa Rica sailing. In this regard, if you seek luxury, the best recommendation is that you contact the marina to go sailing; on the other hand, regarding lodging options, if you sail off from the Marina, you could stay in the Peninsula. You can hire the sailing tours and the best accommodation options in the best luxury homes of the area, the Papagayo Peninsula.

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Hermosa and Coco Bays: Beaches you Can Visit while Costa Rica Sailing
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