Imagine how your Costa Rica Vacations would Be Like in One day

Are you deciding on spending Costa Rica vacations? If this is the case, maybe imagining what a day in Costa Rica would be like could help; and to be more specific, imagine you will arrive in the Papagayo Marina. This project, located in the Guanacaste Province on the Pacific coast of the country, houses a complex designed specifically for your entertainment and comfort during your vacations.

So, in order to follow the trails of this creative exercise, imagine that you start the day waking up to the marvelous surroundings of the tropical rainforests meeting the clear sand of the beach and the emerald-blue waters of the Pacific Ocean. You wake up in one of the best Costa Rica resorts, and so, your fun day begins.

First, Go Sailing

Since the Papagayo Marina charters boats, or you can even rent a yacht if you prefer, you could start the day by sailing and going on adventurous activities making use of your morning energy; or if you prefer, something more relaxing such as fishing or snorkeling. The staff of the complex will hook you up with everything you need to enjoy the ride in your Costa Rica vacations.Costa Rica Vacations

Taste the Best Food in your Costa Rica Vacations

 Although one of the recommended activities is going fishing, this doesn’t mean you will have to fish your own food. On the contrary, imagine tasting the best of Costa Rica’s typical food as well as delicious worldly dishes of seafood. You can taste the delicious services provided by the Costa Rica resorts or you have a taste at the Marina Papagayo dive bar.

Continue with a Hike

Just as you can finish your day on board of the yacht and relax until the sunset; you can go on an adventure by land, on foot or wheels.  There are so many things to do in Costa Rica that it might be a good idea to organize your time wisely, so that you don’t miss out on the any exciting attractions.Costa Rica Vacations

Arrange your time in Costa Rica in a way so that you are able to visit the national parks, the volcanoes and rivers of the country, as well as do all the amazing activities by water you can, as there are so many  things to do in Costa Rica. Finish one of your vacation days relaxing by your window and enjoying the beauty of the landscapes, you will have can have n amazing time in your Costa Rica vacations!!

What activities would you like to try on your next vacation ?? Leave your comments in the section below!!

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Imagine how your Costa Rica Vacations would Be Like in One day
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Imagine how your Costa Rica Vacations would Be Like in One day
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