Is it a Good Idea to Go Sailing Costa Rica in December?

At any time of the year, it is a good idea to go sailing Costa Rica; there might be some factors to take into consideration, but most likely you will have an incredible time.

Costa Rica’s natural beauty regarding the large unspoiled tropical forests is popular worldwide; nevertheless, the natural beauty and abundant biodiversity you can find by the sea is also a huge attraction.

The Biggest Perks of Sailing Costa Rica in December

The Good Weather Conditions

After the second week of December the dry season has already started through Guanacaste Province; there’s two seasons in CostaRica, and the dry season is well in by this time in this Western Coastline.

Depending on the specific interests of the tourist, however, a given season is more convenient; in general, it is better to visit during the dry season, when there’s no rain.

When it comes to surfers, for example, there are several Costa Rica surf charters available; however, some experienced surfers prefer to visit during the rainy season. This is because the tide rises and the waves are better in some areas; on the contrary, for other adventures like snorkeling Costa Rica or in Costa Rica fishing charters, dry season is better. As it is the case in Guanacaste, in December.

The Benefits of the High Season

After the second half of December, Costa Rica is not only in the dry season but also in the high season; the most popular beaches receive numerous tourists, and this includes a large number of Ticos.

The Christmas holidays are celebrated in many parts of the world, and so it happens in Costa Rica; it is actually a very religious country with a culture rich in beautiful traditions.

For this reason, if you visit after the second week of December, you will come across a joyous vibe; Ticos are also celebrating the holidays and on vacation.

Sailing Costa Rica

You will get to interact with many of them in the most crowded cities, and see traditional celebrations like parades; furthermore, by the sea, you get to go on fabulous experiences and packages prepared for the high season.

The Marine Wildlife

Just as there is great biodiversity in land inCosta Rica, so is the case in its seas waters; this is something that you can appreciate if you go sailing Costa Rica.

Furthermore, as the dry season starts in Costa Rica, the winter arrives in the North; this, in consequence, affects the marine life underwater.  What happens is that there is a migration process that takes place.

In this change of seasons in the North, many animal species migrate to warmer areas; consequently, those who go snorkeling Costa Rica or scuba diving Costa Rica may get to see many animal species. It is possible to see sea turtles, rays, whales and even sharks in the Pacific Coastline; nevertheless, this migration positively affects the marine biodiversity, and you can witness it!

The Factors to Consider When Traveling in December

It is Going toBe Crowded

This is not quite a disadvantage, but it may be if you have not planned things with time; given that December is the high season, there is definitely a higher affluence of tourists arriving in Costa Rica.

Them, added to the Ticos who also enjoy their vacations by the beach, sum up a big crowd; this doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to walk past the large crowds, but it has some minor consequences.

Given the big crowds, the best hotel rooms and vacation rentals will already be taken; if you need to book transportation orrent a car, you might have to settle with what is left.

Sailing Costa Rica

This is probably the real disadvantage of the big crowds during this time; if you get stuck with the services that are left, you will not get the impression the country can give. Hopefully, you have planned things with time!

It Might SeemPricy

The high season is inevitably a pricy season regarding tourist services; nevertheless, it is safe to say, that it will be worth it. Costa Rica has become one of the most popular tourist destinations around the world.

There are several Costa Rica surf charters as there are worldwide known surfing spots; there are also Costa Rica fishing charters available as there is world-class fishing in many areas.

There are incredible services, equipment and guides to help you in adventures like scuba diving Costa Rica; it is true, it won’t seem cheap, but it is guaranteed to fulfill all your expectations. Sailing Costa Rica in sunny and warm December is a unique experience you will be lucky to have! Prepare for lots of fun in an incredible tropical paradise in Costa Rica!

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