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Beginner Gun Training Chicago

Beginner Gun Training Chicago

Looking for beginner gun training classes in Chicago? You’ll like what Midwest Guns has available. Their Intro to Firearms Class is designed to provide you with foundational instruction and education in the safe, recreational use of handguns.

Locals appreciate the extensive inventory of new and used firearms available at Midwest Guns. You’ll find a great selection in both their new and used inventories. The best way to determine whether a handgun suits your individual needs is to schedule a shooting session at the indoor range and try out any and all handguns you have your sights set on. This way, you’ll eliminate the possibility of buying a gun you’ll be unhappy with after the purchase.

After Midwest Guns’ Intro to Firearms Class, the next step in becoming proficient in shooting is to sign up for their Firearm Safety Class that offers a full hour and a half course for just $75 per person. This class will prepare you with everything you need to know in order to shoot in the Midwest Guns indoor shooting range, including a 45 minute safety class and a 45 minute firing session on the private range.

Your one-time cost of $75 includes your firearm rental and ammo (25 rounds for both the 22 LR revolver and 25 rounds of 9mm for the semi-auto pistol). You’ll be educated on safety, familiarization, shooting basics, loading and unloading procedures and part of the gun. There is a limit of 4 students in the Firearms Safety Class. It’s one of the most popular beginner gun training classes in Chicago.

Locals love Midwest Guns for many reasons, not least of which includes the wide range of services they provide to the community, including their unique Kids’ Night on the range, gunsmith services and their selection of classes available for every level of gun enthusiast. While many gun ranges only offer classes for experienced shooters, Midwest Guns offers affordable beginner gun training in their Chicago location.

Midwest Guns has a gunsmith on site 6 days a week for the convenience of their customers. Drop offs and pick-ups are available anytime the store is open. If you should require a consultation with the gunsmith, make your reservation by calling 708-447-4848 or walk in during the hours of 10am and 5pm on Saturday. Gunsmith services include:

  • Mill Sight Dovetails
  • Night Sight Installation
  • Front Sight Inserts
  • Recoil Pads
  • Cleaning
  • Basic Repairs
  • Trigger Work
  • Duracoat
  • Mount & Bore Sight
  • Drill & Tap
  • Check Head Space
  • Make Chamber Cast
  • Shorten Shotgun Barrels
  • And much more!

Get your IL hunting and/or fishing license and water usage stamps at Midwest Guns anytime during business hours with a valid ID proving your residency. You’ll find Midwest Guns to be a great resource to the local community, offering everything from affordable gun sales to experienced and beginner gun training at their Chicago location.

Call Midwest Guns at 708-447-4848 for answers to your questions, to schedule a shooting session at their gun range or to sign up for one of their upcoming classes.

Beginner Gun Training Chicago
Midwest Guns
8565 Plainfield Road, Lyons, IL 60534

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