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Get a gust of fresh ocean air by booking one of our world-class yachts at Marina Charters. We offer unique and exciting Costa Rica Adventures for your family and friends with our luxurious yachts. We offer Yachts for family beaches, fishing, snorkeling, surfing and much more. 

What do I need to go fishing for the first time?

Some of the essentials that you'll need on your first fishing sail are a spinning rod and reel, monofilament fishing line, clippers, hooks, and weights, split shots, plastic bobbers, and bait. Along with the above-stated equipment, you will also need a pair of pliers for removing the hook from your fish.

Try and find an inexpensive tackle box before you go fishing to carry your gear. Also, remember to bring a bucket for storing bait and another one for the catch. While adults can fish using a spinning rod and reel, if you have kids on board, get a close-faced rod/reel combination.

Each country has different laws for fishing in the ocean. However, there are yacht companies which may already hold the required licenses that allow their clients to fish legally. To enjoy hassle-free fishing experiences book a yacht with us for some mind-boggling Costa Rica adventures.

Tips for catching fish easily

Saltwater fishes are always bigger, making the whole fishing process more rewarding. One of the important pointers to remember while fishing in an ocean is to use a Bimini twist, a sturdy knot to double the line for a strong leader connection under all sea conditions.

Fishes find lures that are new and bright in appearance more appealing to bite on to than dull looking ones. Do not stock up on the lures instead buy them in small quantities as and when you go fishing. You may use a bait for a few trips by rinsing them clean after each trip before returning them to the tackle box. Swap the monofilament frequently, the moment you find it looking dull and rough to the touch. You can replace it or cut the front part of the line to get rid of the weaker section and tie it behind the leader.

Can I snorkel even if I can't swim?

Snorkeling is primarily a sport that involves swimming with the help of a tube to breathe underwater. However, it is not mandatory to know swimming to snorkel. But you must make sure to float with a snorkel and fins at a spot where you are unlikely to sink involuntarily.

Snorkeling usually does not require proper training or knowledge of swimming. Hence you can enjoy snorkeling with the help of a life jacket. But you will still need training on the use of breathing equipment and the basics of deep water diving.

For the best Costa Rica Adventures, get in touch with Marina Charters! Our opulent yachts are available at affordable prices; our captains are extremely friendly, providing you with a pleasant charter experience. Book a yacht today and have the greatest time of your life on the luxurious beaches of Costa Rica!

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Enjoy the following activities by request or add them to your adventure !! Paddle Boarding, Scuba Diving, Beach Picknic, Skying, Cruising, Group Charter Planning and Santa Rosa National Park Expedition!!