Costa Rica Yacht Rental

Do you want to experience the most beautiful beaches, try sport fishing, snorkeling, and surfing along Marina Papagayo? Marina Charters offer Costa Rica yacht rental. Contact us and experience a world-class sanctuary for world-class yachts.

What is the difference between a yacht and a boat?

A yacht is a light and fast sailing vessel formerly used by the Dutch navy to capture pirates. Meanwhile, a boat is a smaller version of transportation which may differ from a fisherman’s boat, sailboat, or recreational boat. An average yacht can range from 35 feet to 160 feet while boats range from 15 to 30 feet. Boats, especially the smaller ones, travel in calm waters while larger boats can navigate in rough ocean waters. However, a yacht can sail in deeper waters and deal with more turbulence.

Also, yachts are more preferred on longer trips as is it has more modern equipment and is larger. In terms of crew, a captain operates a boat while a team operates a yacht to deal with the maintenance, electronics, engineering, and repair. Yacht engines are larger compared to even the larger types of boats. It has more advanced marine electronics and navigation systems. It has the ability to navigate with precision to detect other boats and objects and avoid any possible accidents.

Yachting at Marina Papagayo

Marina Papagayo is the perfect and newest five-star yachting destination in Central America. It is below the hurricane line and sheltered from the northern Papagayo winds. It offers 180 fully service bunks for the world’s most extravagant yachts which are about 220 to 250 feet in size. It is also best for Costa Rica yacht rental as it offers mooring assistance, monitoring 24/7, yacht assist, fuel bunkering, and dockside concierge service.

It provides tourists with a safe haven, enjoying the calm and protected waters in any of the seven great beaches along the Peninsula. While tourists take a stroll along the banks of the oceanfront and enjoy the breeze, they can spend the night with live music and cocktails at the Dive Bar restaurant.

What are the benefits of yacht traveling?

Yachting is an excellent recreational experience. It can refresh your mind and body and reduce stress. And if people can reduce daily stress, it can significantly improve physical and mental health. It provides a sense of balance and self-esteem.

You are free to go anywhere you want in yacht traveling. Since yachts are usually large enough to accommodate a large number of people, you can bring your family and friends along. Other activities are also offered, such as swimming, fishing, and surfing, that can make the trip more exciting. And lastly, yacht traveling may sometimes be too expensive. For this reason, it is essential to hire or rent a professional yacht with reasonable rates.

Marina Charters is a premier Costa Rica yacht rental company. It has several yachts to choose from. You can choose the size of the yacht depending on the number of passengers who will come with you. Contact us now!

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