Peninsula Papagayo Costa Rica

Are you looking for an exotic beach destination for your next vacation? We, at Marina Charters, offer the best holiday adventures and 5-star Yachts in Peninsula Papagayo in Costa Rica. Blend with nature in one of the most beautiful landscape in the world by holidaying with us.

Tips to remember while on a yacht

A trip on the yacht is undoubtedly an exciting and breath-taking adventure, with a handful of rules to follow. Restrain from wearing street shoes on the yacht, as debris and dirt on shoes can cause damage to the wooden decks of the yacht. The amount of water supply for drinking, bathing, and using the facilities are limited. So remember to cut short your baths to save water.

Do not throw garbage into the ocean to keep the waters safe and clean for the marine life. You may also learn the basics of operating a yacht from the captain. For the safety of the ship, remember to use energy efficiently by consciously turning off the appliances when not in use.

Stand away from the solar panels, as they are very slippery and you can easily damage the equipment by standing on it. Hold on tight to your possessions as the wind can easily blow them away. Do not wear wet clothes for long on a yacht as it can create an unpleasant smell for fellow yacht passengers. For the best yacht service in Peninsula Papagayo in Costa Rica, contact us.

What are some of the things that I can do at Peninsula Papagayo?

Peninsula Papagayo is a popular tourist destination on the north pacific coast of Costa Rica. There are plenty of adventurous and fun-filled activities for you and your family to indulge in on the island. It is truly a heaven on earth for nature lovers with a lush of eco-parks and landscapes for surfers, hikers, snorkelers and paddle boarders. The land offers the perfect habitat for thousands of animal species providing the perfect venue for animal lovers.

There are a lot of outdoor sports and recreational sports for your kids to participate in and unveil nature in its purest form. If you are an adrenaline junkie, you can quench your thirst with some deep-sea diving or mountain biking. You can treat the artist in you with some shell collecting and nature photography. Canoeing, kayaking, sailings are some of the other activities that you partake in during your stay here.

Is Papagayo Costa Rica safe?

Peninsula Papagayo in Costa Rica is a highly safe island for tourists and nature lovers. It encompasses some of the breath-taking Eco parks, hot springs, fauna, flora, and beaches on the planet. To top it all, the hospitality of the locals makes it the most welcoming and safe holiday destination for you and your family.

For the best holidaying experience in Peninsula Papagayo in Costa Rica, get in touch with our team at Marina Charters. We guarantee a breathtaking experience that you'll never forget!

Peninsula Papagayo Costa Rica

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