Yacht Charter Costa Rica

If you're visiting Costa Rica, there are plenty of exciting things you can do during your stay. Explore the rain forest and go zip-lining through the trees. Take a snorkeling tour of the waters surrounding Costa Rica's shores. Another option is choosing a yacht charter in Costa Rica, such as through Marina Charters CR.

What Are the Advantages of Chartering a Yacht Through Marina Charters?

When you charter a yacht through Marina Charters, you get an experienced captain and crew for your voyage, so you can sit back and relax rather than worrying about needing to navigate or set the anchor or even who is responsible for cooking the day's meals.

The benefits of a privately chartered yacht are numerous. When arriving at your designated location, you can enjoy the benefits of having a crew to take care of you, putting the water toys into the water. While you're enjoying the views, have freshly made pina coladas delivered to you after being made by one of our experienced captains.

Pick an adventure to go with your chartered yacht adventure to get more out of your visit. If your group wants to enjoy surfing or snorkeling, we offer packages for that, while you can also pay to spend a day frolicking in the water or one of our yachts. While you're out and about, keep an eye on the water. Our captains can point out stunning sea life, such as pods of dolphins.

Trips Through Marina Charters

Marina Charters CR offers a variety of adventures that you can enjoy when you charter a yacht with the company. Do some members of your party enjoy surfing? Our captains can take you to the best spots for catching a wave off the coast of Costa Rica, including Witch's Rock or Ollies Point.

Fishing is always popular off the shores of Costa Rica, and it's no wonder why: the waters teem with trophy-sized sailfish, wahoo, and snapper. Pick a yacht charter in Costa Rica through Marina Charters CR, and you'll be taken to prime fishing spots by our experienced captains. Once you've spent the day catching fish, enjoy a meal of your bounty.

You can also enjoy other activities when you charter a yacht through Marina Charters. We can take you to private beaches, where you can enjoy swimming, lounging in the sun, or water spots. Take the opportunity to go dolphin watching or snorkel and spy sea turtles swimming by.

Don't Delay - Book Today!

Take the opportunity now to book your trip through Marina Charters. In addition to a yacht charter Costa Rica, we offer broker services, where you can stay in luxurious villas, away from it all. We can even make arrangements for housekeeping and cooking services, so you don't have to lift a finger while you're on vacation.

Sailing with Marina Charters is one of the many things you can do in Costa Rica, but it will provide memories to last a lifetime. Contact us today or book your trip online now.

Yacht Charter Costa Rica

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