Ollie’s Point Costa Rica, Witch’s Rock, and other Surfing Destinations in Guanacaste Costa Rica

Ollie’s Point Costa Rica and Witch’s Rock are just two of the many surfing spots in Guanacaste; surf is actually one of the practices that attract large numbers of visitors to Costa Rica every year. This is due to many reasons, the great weather conditions, the beautiful landscapes and quality in tourist services; if you like to surf, you will definitely have the time of your life in Costa Rica.

Ollie’s Point Costa Rica

Ollie’s Point is a surfing spot located in the Northwest of Costa Rica near the border with Nicaragua; this surfing destination is located offshore Potrero Grande Beach in Santa Rosa National Park. The access to Ollie’s Point Costa Rica is by boat; therefore, this is a tour that you can go on in Costa Rica sailing charters. It is actually one of the most popular tours.

This destination was named in this manner because of a political scandal; the event involved a retired Marine Lieutenant whose name was Oliver North. This surfing point gained its fame after it featured in a Hollywod movie, called Endless Summer II.  Camping is not something you can do in this area, so it is best to stay near the marina where you will go on Costa Rica sailing charters.

Guanacaste Costa Rica

Witch’s Rock Costa Rica

This is another very popular surfing spot in Costa Rica and it is also located in Santa Rosa National Park. The spot is located offshore from Naranjo Beach and it makes reference to a rocky formation; as in the case of Ollie’s Point, there is not access to this beach by car; which is why Costa Rica boat charters are your best option in order to get to this location.

This amazing spot is perfect for all types of surfers, from experts to first-timers; however, for experts looking for big waves and a bigger challenge, they can find it also. From May to November, you can expect to find high waves. This surfing destination has a world-class reputation; it is said to have the best breaks in all Costa Rica. This is truly a paradise for surfers from any part of the world.

Other Surfing Destinations:

Playa Junquillal

This surfing spot was one not very popular; however, this has recently changed and it is now a place of more affluence. Just like Ollie’s Point Costa Rica or Witch’s Rock, this is an incredible surfing destination; the waves have different difficulty levels, which make it perfect for all types of surfers. This means that whatever your case is, this is a good surfing spot for you.

Las Brisas

Guanacaste Costa Rica

This surfing spot is located near Brasilito Beach, towards the North. The waves here may be a little more aggressive than in other surfing spots; actually they are considered to be good for surfers with an intermediate to expert level. Another important fact about this spot is that it is low-profile; therefore, you might not be surrounded by too many people in this place.

Ostional Beach

This beach is located near Playa Junquillal, and it is popular for many tourist reasons; there is a wildlife refuge in this area, and among others, sea turtles give it great environmental relevance. Ostional Beach has waves that are good for beginners as well as experts; there is a variety of waves for any taste. In addition, there are many other water activities available nearby.

Playa Negra

This specific spot is considered to have world-class waves; in addition from this spot, there is a view of majestic volcanoes. Apart from these wonderful natural features, there are food and parking services nearby. The waves in Playa Negra are considered to be of levels that range from intermediate to expert. This is not a secluded destination, but it also does not get to be so crowded.

Playa Avellanas

This beach is located North of Playa Negra; It is a good option if you are traveling with family. There is a restaurant by it, and the waves a excellent; however, though the place is excellent for taking family members, the waves, sadly are not.  This spot is considered to be of an intermediate to an expert level; which means, it is not too good for first-timers trying surf here.

Guanacaste Costa Rica

A great advantage of visiting these destinations is that you can take the opportunity to activities like snorkeling Costa Rica; you could also go Costa Rica sportfishing, scuba diving, and more. Costa Rica is filled with incredible tourist destinations and attractions; snorkeling Costa Rica and Costa Rica sportfishing are just some of the most popular you can go on. But they are all, without exception, great.

Witch’s Rock, and Ollie’s Point Costa Rica are just some of your must-visit destinations if you are a surfer; visit them, and have the time of your life in Costa Rica.

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Ollie's Point Costa Rica, Witch’s Rock, and other Surfing Destinations in Guanacaste Costa Rica
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