Peninsula Papagayo Costa Rica Lifestyle: an Area for Fun, Adventure and Luxury!

Peninsula Papagayo Costa Rica is one of the greatest areas on the planet for a vacation and even for living; this is a community that has been created considering variables such as nature conservation and tourist profits. As a result, the community has grown in a sustainable way following government policies; this way, large percentages of territory are protected and attract more and more tourists.

Peninsula Papagayo Costa Rica: a Place for Living and Spending a Vacation

The area of Peninsula Papagayo is mainly tourism-oriented; in this regard, it is safe to safe that the majority of economic activities are part of the field. In addition, the people inhabiting the peninsula either have come from afar or are somehow economically related to tourism. For these reasons, including the comfortable and fun lifestyle, this has become a new home to many visitors.

The peninsula has resorts with great reputation and also amazing rental homes; in addition, the customers of both can enjoy fabulous amenities. The infrastructure and quality in services play a big part in motivating tourists to actually live there; the accommodation options include from fabulous condos to incredible beachfront luxury villas. These may also be permanent homes.

Activities that May Become Part of Your Lifestyle in Peninsula Papagayo Costa Rica

Peninsula Papagayo Costa Rica

A very outstanding feature of the peninsula is the fact that water sports are very popular; this motivated the creation of a luxurious marina where amazing tourist services are offered.  There are several water tours available that take place with the company of trained personnel and in fabulous locations; in addition, the tours occur in wonderful yacht rentals Costa Rica.

This means that water activities are popular and you can engage in them; for example, you can go on relaxing but at the same time fun Costa Rica sportfishing charters. You can also go swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving or even surfing. The marina provides Costa Rica sailing charters to incredible destinations where you can go on unforgettable adventures; such is the case of surfing tours.

Some Other Services of the Marina Papagayo Costa Rica

Some of the most important services of the marina are the ones related to yacht rentals Costa Rica. Whether you need to rent one or have someone manage yours, the marina is the perfect place for it; in addition, in the Peninsula Papagayo Costa Rica, there are over one hundred slips for your vessel. Some people arrive in Costa Rica by the sea, so these services are available.

There are water, electricity, internet, trash, and many other services available; however, these services are not just the basic ones. The marina always intends on providing the best services, so the greatest quality is ensured. For those traveling on their own vessels, the safety of the travelers is ensured throughout the whole journey; furthermore, any other needs are met after arrival.

Adventure near Papagayo Peninsula

There are some fun activities you can do in the Peninsula; however, these are more traditional activities. For example, you can play golf, tennis, or go to a fabulous gym, or spa; nevertheless, if you seek true adventures, you can visit the national parks nearby. Two of these parks are Santa Rosa and Guanacaste National Parks; they are located East of Papagayo Peninsula, very near.

Santa Rosa National Park is actually one of the parks visitors usually go to looking for adventure; some of these visits are made by Costa Rica sailing charters. For example, you can visit Ollie’s Point Costa Rica, a surfing spot offshore in Santa Rosa National Park. Ollie’s Point Costa Rica is actually popular worldwide; there are also horseback riding adventures, rafting, sea kayaking, and more.


Peninsula Papagayo Costa Rica

The Most Luxurious Amenities

There are other very developed communities in Guanacaste Province; however, in general, the area of Peninsula Papagayo has had incredibly luxurious amenities included in the enhancement programs. In this regard, the resorts and community in general not only have fabulous gyms and spas; there is, for example, an Arnold Palmer signature golf course facing the Pacific Ocean.

In addition to this incredible 18-hole course, there are tennis courts, restaurants, bars, and cafés. The intention of the project is to provide the best activities during the night and during the day; for this reason, many people fall in love with this paradise and there are many expats living in Costa Rica. After visiting this incredible destination, many decide to simply move more permanently.

Peninsula Papagayo Costa Rica is an area that not so many people have the honor of visiting; there are fabulous Costa Rica sportfishing charters, surfing trips and other water activities that you will love doing. This area is not only perfect for a vacation; Peninsula Papagayo Costa Rica is a perfect place to retire and enjoy the little pleasures of life.

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Peninsula Papagayo Costa Rica Lifestyle: an Area for Fun, Adventure and Luxury!
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