Planning Fabulous Sailing Vacations in Guanacaste, Costa Rica from North to South

Guanacaste Province in Costa Rica is well-known for its fabulous facilities and services for amazing sailing vacations; there is a big variety of activities available for all kinds of tastes if you enjoy sea adventures. The Marina Papagayo located in Papagayo Peninsula offers luxury yacht rentals Costa Rica, guided tours, and more; all your needs will be covered and you will have an awesome time.

Starting your Sailing Vacations from the North

Papagayo Peninsula is located South of Santa Rosa National Park; two of the most popular tourist destinations for surfers are located by this beautiful park. Every year many surfers travel from different parts of the world to catch the waves in this gorgeous area; Ollie’s Point Costa Rica and Witch’s Rock are two worldwide known surfing spots that attract many of Costa Rica’s visitors.

Ollie’s Point Costa Rica and Witch’s Rock are offshore spots near beautiful beaches in the territory of the park; these beaches are actually very hard to access by land. For this reason, many of the visitors get to these locations by Costa Rica sailing charters; it is an easier trip and you can get the opportunity to enjoy the incredible sights. By land, even for 4×4 wheel drive vehicles, it is a hard drive.

Sailing Vacations around the Papagayo Peninsula and the Papagayo Gulf

This area has good surfing spots as well as calmer water that are more suitable for other water sports; snorkeling Costa Rica and scuba diving are some of the other water sports you can do in this area. You can sail near the 31 beaches that form the peninsula or to the South; there are incredible beach towns in the Papagayo Gulf where you can go on exciting adventures.

Sailing Vacations in Guanacaste

Costa Rica has 6% of the world’s biodiversity in just 0.3% of the world’s territory; this fact is evidenced not only in its dense forests but also in its sea waters. Furthermore, in beaches like Hermosa, Ocotal, or Coco Beach, you can go on fun water adventures; in addition, these beach towns have incredible accommodation and transportation services.

Continuing the trip to the South

If you continue your sailing trip to the South, you will come across great fishing destinations; Tamarindo Beach Costa Rica is a fishing world-class destination. The area has abundant wildlife you can appreciate in sailing vacations; Tamarindo sportfishing is another experience you will not forget. Tamarindo Beach Costa Rica was once a small fishing town but it has developed significantly.

Tamarindo sportfishing is an activity that attracts those who have done it before and new visitors alike; this is a relaxing experience that you need no experience and that will allow you to forget about routine. In addition, this is something you can do regardless of any physical condition you may have; there are also wonderful beaches nearby and natural attractions.

Sailing Vacations near the Nicoya Peninsula

If you continue sailing towards the South, you pass by the Nicoya Peninsula; as in other northern areas, this region has the possibility of doing numerous water adventures. Snorkeling Costa Rica, scuba diving, surfing and sportfishing are activities you can do in this area too; furthermore, besides going sailing West of the Peninsula, there are other popular boat tours in the Nicoya Gulf.

Sailing Vacations in Guanacaste

The tip of the Nicoya Peninsula is not part of Guanacaste Province, but the area is beautiful; the Nicoya Gulf is and the Peninsula house great biodiversity. In fact, the population of waterfowl is abundant in this area; this means that just as you can go sailing and go on fun water adventures, you can also do some birdwatching. Animal lovers and all visitors alike are amazed by the biodiversity and the sights.

Is January a Good Time to go on Sailing Vacations?

If you have the chance to go sailing in Costa Rica, don’t miss the opportunity; furthermore, the experience of hiring luxury yacht rentals Costa Rica is one you won’t regret or forget. Costa Rica sailing charters include the best guides that take you to the best destinations; the services are incredible and the landscapes are out of this world. Thus, the weather is fabulous.

In January, the dry season has long started, and the best part is that the big crowds have started to leave; this means you can enjoy the best weather in smaller crowds. In addition, as people leave, the best services are available and you have more choices; this is better than being stuck with the options that are left. Going on sailing vacations in Costa Rica during this time is a great idea.

Costa Rica is an incredible tourist destination and the seaside is magical; if you have a trip planned for January, prepare for having the time of your life in a true paradise!

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Planning Fabulous Sailing Vacations in Guanacaste, Costa Rica from North to South
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