Pros and Cons of Visiting Marina Papagayo Costa Rica during the Ironman 70.3 Costa Rica 2018

Costa Rica prepares this June for hosting the amazing Ironman 70.3 Costa Rica 2018; visiting the Marina Papagayo Costa Rica during this time is not a bad option during this time. There may be some advantages and disadvantages of visiting; however, you’ll probably also conclude that, like in any other time of year in Costa Rica, you’ll have a blast.

What is the Ironman 70.3 Costa Rica 2018 and when will it Take Place?

This is the best sporting event to take place in Costa Rica soon. June 18 is the date when brave athletes will take on the challenge of swimming, bike riding and running; the breathtaking landscapes of Costa Rica will host this challenging event. Only those who finish before the cut-off time limits will be considered “Ironmen”. “70.3 “refers to the total of distance swum, ridden and run.Marina Papagayo Costa Rica

Where will this Event Take Place?

The event will take place in nearby Coco Beach; here, the athletes will get the chance to swim in the clear blue-gray waters of Coco Beach. Then, they get to continue on an exciting bike ride that heads into the town and finish running; this last part comprises a distance that borders the coastline. Athletes will have a view of the Pacific Ocean and finish the race by it.

What are the Cons of traveling to Marina Papagayo Costa Rica during this time?

  • It Might Get Crowded

Just as Coco Beach might get more crowded than usual, that may also occur with Marina Papagayo Costa Rica. Nevertheless, there are several vacation rentals in Papagayo Costa Rica, for that reason, it may not really affect you. Furthermore, this area has been center of the biggest transformation in infrastructure; therefore, vacation rentals in Papagayo Costa Rica are the best.Marina Papagayo Costa Rica

For these reasons, it is possible to expect a bigger quantity of tourists, but not enough to consider it a problem; nevertheless, if you are planning on traveling during those days, preferably start making reservations to ensure that everything goes according to plan.

  • Weather and Road Conditions

Though as previously mentioned there might not truly be cons, maybe weather and roads have better moments during the year. The competition will take place in June which is in mid-rainy or “green” season”; during this time there are in Marina Papagayo Costa Rica heavy showers and throughout the country. Weather might be less friendly at times. This may be true, but affecting actual athletes, not tourists.

Regarding the state of the roads, this might be one of the real factors to consider. Many visit Marina Papagayo to enjoy Costa Rica sailing tours, the yacht management Costa Rica services; many also visit to enjoy water activities like Costa Rica sportfishing charters  or scuba diving Costa Rica for example.

Therefore, though rains are heavier affecting the roads, if you’re just moving from Marina Papagayo to Coco Beach; do not worry too much about road conditions.

What are the Pros of Visiting the Marina Papagayo Costa Rica during this time?

  • A Great Experience with a Great Crowd

It might be true that it will be crowded and during this time in regularly-crowded Coco beach; nevertheless, a big crowd does not mean a bad crowd. It is important to make reservations beforehand because you never know how many will attend; however, remember that this is an international interesting crowd attracted by the event. The best athletes of the world might attend.

For these reasons, it’s important to consider the upside of the big crowd; it might be a big crowd, but also the right one. If you expect to meet Ticos and people from all parts of the world, it is a perfect moment for it; athletes, journalists and sports enthusiasts will attend. This is not just an annoying crowd, and you can always head back to Marina Papagayo when it’s all over.

  • Weather Conditions Have an Upside

It is true that the competition will take place during the rainy season; however, it is also called the “green” season for a reason.  Costa Rica shows its visitors the most intense variety of colors in its forests during rainy season; during this time, rain falls but colors and wildlife activity change. Swimmers and tourists on scuba diving Costa Rica tours get to see great variety of wildlife in this time.Marina Papagayo Costa Rica

Also, it is important to consider that some areas experience less heavy rains; this way, nature brings out its new colors and attracts different species also, but in less aggressive conditions. It might not even rain on the day of the competition, so not everything is decided yet.

Some visit to enjoy the Costa Rica sailing tours, Costa Rica sportfishing charters and yacht management Costa Rica services; if these visitors take the opportunity to go to Coco Beach for this competition, it will be more than a unique experience. If you visit the Marina Papagayo Costa Rica in June, remember to pass by Coco Beach; witness one of the most challenging sporting events of the world.

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Pros and Cons of Visiting Marina Papagayo Costa Rica during the Ironman 70.3 Costa Rica 2018
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