Scuba Diving Costa Rica: Sites, Fauna, and the Best Seasons for the Practice

Scuba Diving Costa Rica is a very popular activity for tourists who visit this country.  It is widely known that the main attractions in Costa Rica are its natural resources, from which natives as well as tourists profit in an eco friendly way as it is the country’s policy to preserve them. In this sense, the majority of tours are aimed at delighting from the wonders of this country’s flora and fauna.

There are many activities in which the main goal is getting to a specific site; usually in some exciting type of ride, whether it is a hike, a boat or an aerial ride, and appreciating nature. There are great destinations in Costa Rica; however, the Pacific Coast of the country offers amazing options not only on but also off-shore, and the marine life is a whole another world with abundant biodiversity that you don’t want to miss witnessing.Scuba Diving Costa Rica

What are the Best Sites for Scuba Diving Costa Rica?

Costa Rica has two coast sides with the Atlantic Ocean bordering on the East, and the Pacific Ocean on the West. In this sense, the Pacific Coast has the best scuba diving tours and sites for this practice, as well as an abundant and preserved marine life that fits perfectly with this activity. In short, there are 4 destinations that are perfect and probably the most popular for this practice:

Part of the Guanacaste Province, these Islands can be reached from Cocos Island. Probably one the scuba diving sites that gets the most attention, these Islands attract divers due to the amazing caves and arches among formations of volcanic rock that are covered by coral. Although this place is referred to as being better for experts, amateur divers can also give it a try and have an amazing time doing it.Scuba Diving Costa Rica

What are the Animal Species you Might See in Catalinas Islands?

Since Catalinas is located a little far from the shore, its marine life is tremendously abundant. The location is famous for its rays, you could spot stingrays, eagle spotted rays, and manta rays, among others. It is also possible that you spot sea turtles, sharks, barracudas and school of many other fish varieties that will amaze you.

When is the Best Time for Going Scuba Diving in Catalinas Islands?

For practicing Scuba Diving Costa Rica is Catalinas Islands, there is actually not a specific time. Since there are no strong currents coming from rivers nearby during the rainy season, this destination is actually a great location for scuba diving all year round, and this is another reason why it is such a great idea to plan this activity here.

This island, which is controlled as a Biological Reserve is located 12km from the Costa Rican shore, is also called the Costa Rican Thermal Convention Dome. There are cliffs, water caves and canyons for the divers to explore as well as head and cup corals, and sea fans.Scuba Diving Costa Rica

What Animal Species Could you Spot Diving in Cano Island?

You might see angel fish, manta rays, parrotfish, barracudas, sharks, dolphins, sea turtles, whales, morays and a big variety of species that will take your breath away.

What is the Season for Diving in Cano Island?

The season for scuba diving here lasts 6 month, from January to June.

This is the National park that is most visited in Costa Rica. It is located in the Guanacaste Province on the Pacific Coast, and on land and on water it offers astonishing landscapes, and displays a breathtaking flora and vegetation.

What Animal Species Might you Spot in Manuel Antonio?

The marine life here is abundant; there are many tropical fish, white tip and reef sharks, sea turtles, humpback whales, rays, lobsters, octopuses, and many others.

What is the best Time for Scuba Diving here?

The scuba diving tours usually take place from December to May.

How Can you Get to the Best Scuba Diving Sites?

The best recommendation is that you seek tours that take you to these locations. However, if you wish to visit them without necessarily going scuba diving, there are many options. If the destination is not a protected area in which all boats can approach, there are Costa Rica yacht charters, Costa Rica sportfishing charters and yacht management Costa Rica in the Marina Papagayo Costa Rica.

The luxurious and innovative Marina Papagayo Costa Rica offers accommodation options, food services, slips for tourists arriving on their own vessels and tour services, among others. If you wish to take a yacht ride you can acquire the services of Costa Rica yacht charters from the yacht management Costa Rica, if you wish to go sportfishing you can enjoy the Costa Rica sportfishing and have an amazing time enjoying the wonders of the sea.

There are many activities to do by the water in Costa Rica and these are just a few examples of some sites where you can do Scuba Diving Costa Rica and have an awesome time!

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Scuba Diving Costa Rica: Sites, Fauna, and the Best Seasons for the Practice
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