Snorkeling in Costa Rica and Scuba Diving Costa Rica: 2 Spots in Guanacaste

Guanacaste Province is located to the Northwest of Costa Rica; here, water sports like Snorkeling in Costa Rica and Scuba Diving Costa Rica are very popular. The natural beauty accounts for several national parks in the area; in the clear waters of the Pacific Ocean, there are also protected areas and the marine wildlife is unbelievable. These are 4 destinations for these activities in Guanacaste:

Snorkeling in Costa Rica and Scuba Diving Costa Rica in Catalinas Islands

Catalinas Islands is a part of Bat Islands and you can get to it Costa Rica sailing from Conchal Beach, Tamarindo Beach or the Marina Papagayo Costa Rica. It is one of the best destinations for these water activities in Costa Rica; it has good temperatures and you can do both activities anytime of the year. It is actually a rocky formation which along two more for Bat islands.Snorkeling in Costa Rica

How is the Marine Wildlife?

The marine life in this area is spectacular; rays are easy to spot actually, more specifically, stingrays, mobley rays, bat rays, spotted rays and other species.  You can also see a variety of fish, you could easily see a school of barracudas; you could even see sea turtles and sharks. This is an amazing destination for snorkeling and scuba diving in Costa Rica; it is a must-visit.

Are there good Destinations Nearby?

Whether you access the island through Conchal, Tamarindo or the Marina Papagayo Costa Rica, there are amazing accommodation options. Both Conchal and Tamarindo have amazing options regarding luxurious hotels, besides, they have amazing luxurious options in Costa Rica house rentals. In addition, for those staying near the Marina Papagayo Costa Rica, there are even more options.

From amazing Costa Rica house rentals, to Costa Rica sailing tours, Costa Rica yacht charters and more; the area near the Marina has undergone great development and has amazing tourist and entertainment services.Vacation Rentals in Papagayo

Snorkeling in Costa Rica and Scuba Diving Costa Rica in Gulf of Papagayo

This is basically the setting for the best luxurious resorts and Costa Rica house rentals. Furthermore, the modern and also luxurious Marina Papagayo Costa Rica is also located in this area offering the best services; everything related to Costa Rica yacht charters, Costa Rica sailing tours and more tourist-oriented services are provided by the marina.

Nonetheless, for doing snorkeling in Costa Rica and scuba diving Costa Rica in the Gulf of Papagayo conditions are great. All this growth and tourist development has affected the area greatly, however, not negatively. Regardless of all this growth, there impact has been little and there are any species you can spot. The bays and inlets also make it a good area for these practices.Snorkeling in Costa Rica

What about the Marine Wildlife?

There are many species you could spot while snorkeling in Costa Rica and scuba diving Costa Rica in Papagayo Gulf; in fact, there are over 400 species in the area. You can see Dorado. Roosterfish, Tun, sea turtles and similar marine life to that in Catalinas Island is possible to see.

How Are Accommodation Option in the Area?

Did you know that there is a project in the area called the Marina Project? This project aims to make it the best tourist destination. From excellent tourist services to entertainment services and urban design, the area near the Marina Papagayo Costa Rica has developed; it is continuously growing to become one of the best tourist destinations of the world.

From luxurious resorts to amazing Costa Rica house rentals, the Papagayo Gulf probably has the best options for tours in the whole country.

Are there other Snorkeling in Costa Rica and Scuba Diving Costa Rica?

There are plenty; however, if you are staying in the Guanacaste Province, these are probably the best for you. To the South, there are several spots near Osa Peninsula, so depending on your sailing adventure, you could visit. On the other hand, there are also options if you are staying to the East side of the country; there are also several scuba diving and snorkeling destinations in the Caribbean.Snorkeling in Costa Rica

Is Costa Rica Popular for these Water Sports?

Costa Rica is very popular among those interested in this type of activities for any reasons. One of the reasons is the many companies providing Costa Rica sailing services.  The Papagayo Marina has helped promote the best vacation experiences by the sea side. Another reason is the fact that Costa Rica is a leader in eco tourism. For that reason, there are great services, but also a rich marine life.

All the amazing development has taken place without affecting negatively the environment. Marine life is therefore abundant near the this country’s waters; that makes it a perfect destination for snorkeling in Costa Rica and scuba diving Costa Rica. Nature lovers delight in the amazing Costa Rica sights.

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Snorkeling in Costa Rica and Scuba Diving Costa Rica: 2 Spots in Guanacaste
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