Spending the Best Vacations with the Marina of Peninsula Papagayo Costa Rica

Costa Rica has many attractions and destinations to visit; however, the marina of Peninsula Papagayo Costa Rica is without a doubt one of the best. Located in an area that has flourished greatly in benefit of tourism, this marina is very popular; every year, many visitors hire the services of the fabulous marina which has everything tourists may need.

The Marina of Peninsula Papagayo Costa Rica

Considered the most luxurious in all Latin America, the fabulous marina is located 40 minutes from Liberia, Guanacaste; it is at the Southern part of the peninsula. This marina is a result of a big project to change the area of the Papagayo Peninsula; the intention is to turn it into the ultimate tourist destination. The marina offers not only sailing-related services but also many others.

The Sailing-Related Services of the Marina

This is one of the most remarkable services offered by the luxurious Marina Papagayo. If you haven’t experienced going on sailing charters, this is the place to do it; having the opportunity to sail on the Pacific Ocean with a drink on your hand is priceless. In addition, you get to marvel from the incredible landscapes; in these charters, you usually get to a specific beach and spend the day.

These yacht rentals Costa Rica usually include a snack or meal plus refreshing drinks. If you need a guide, you can hire one, as well as guides for specific tourist activities.Peninsula Papagayo Costa Rica

The Papagayo Marina also offers the service of yacht management to owners who don’t have time for their maintenance; if you actually live in Costa Rica, own a yacht and don’t have the time for good maintenance, good news. The Papagayo Marina can handle the maintenance of your yacht and use it for yacht sailing charters; this way, the vessel is maintained and the owner can even earn a little from it.

One of the advantages of arriving in the Papagayo marina, if you have your own vessel, is your ensured safety; if you are traveling from the North by the sea, you can get in touch with the marina since departure. This means that the moment you begin you trip, you can get in contact with the marina; this way, the staff of the Peninsula Papagayo Costa Rica can monitor your safety.Peninsula Papagayo Costa Rica

In addition, if you are visiting with your own vessel, the marina offers all the services you need at arrival. You can enjoy the services of electricity, garbage disposal, WiFi connection, maintenance and cleaning, and a lot more. At the marina, you can also hire any transportation service or tour package you may be interested in.

The Papagayo Marina offers numerous tourist activities. These are water sports that you can enjoy while visiting and delighting from the views of every new location. The most popular tours are Costa Rica boat charters that take you to a fun day at a new beach; depending on the spot you are taken to, you might get to do different activities other than swimming.Peninsula Papagayo Costa Rica

Some tours take you to wonderful beaches with crystal clear waters that are perfect for activities like scuba diving and snorkeling. Other tours are oriented towards those who love fishing; in this sense, Tamarindo fishing is very popular worldwide. This town is actually known for its world-class sport fishing. Besides Tamarindo fishing, you can go surfing in, also, some of the best surfing spots of the world.

Another advantage of hiring the services of the marina is that you can hire lessons of whatever water sport; if you practice such sport in Costa Rica’s waters, you can most likely find lessons to try it yourself. In Peninsula Papagayo, as well as in other popular tourist towns, you can find pro shops and equipment; in addition, you have all the lessons you need available.

The staff of the Papagayo Marina is well trained to ensure you safety as well as a good time for you; in addition, it is a responsible staff that is bilingual and helpful. These staff members will not hesitate to make a decision that ensures your safety during the trip. In the Costa Rica boat charters you will also appreciate having a native to show and explain to you all the wonderful sights you can’t miss.

Does the Area Surrounding the Marina have good Accommodation Options??

This area, as previously mentioned, has been the target of great development; for this reason, if you need to find a place to stay; the options in Papagayo Peninsula are more than luxurious. In addition to incredible services provided by the Marina of Peninsula Papagayo Costa Rica, the surrounding area is a must-visit destination!

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Spending the Best Vacations with the Marina of Peninsula Papagayo Costa Rica
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