Surfing with Style in Costa Rica Sailing Vacations

Costa Rica is a very popular tourist destination worldwide; if you visit on a plan of sailing vacations you can have fun and experience great luxury and comfort. One activity that attracts many visitors every year is surf; Costa Rica has beautiful beaches that have great conditions for this practice. Just in the West Coast, there are amazing beaches to try this sport even for the first time.

Where Can You Go Surfing with Style in Costa Rica Sailing Vacations?

There are several places you can visit to surf; some locations are better for experts and some have better conditions according to the season. Nevertheless, there are two surfing spots that stand out in Guanacaste Province, at the North of the coastline; Ollie’s Point Costa Rica and Witch’s Rock are to must-visit destinations for those interested in surfing. Sailing to these destinations can be quite an adventure.

Costa Rica Sailing Charters in Guanacaste Province

These two surfing spots are located off-shore, in beaches that are part of the Santa Rosa National Park; this park is located Northwest of Costa Rica and you can access these beaches by boat.

Ollie’s Point Costa Rica

This surfing spot is located in the beautiful Santa Rosa National Park in the waters near Potrero Grande Beach. The spot regularly has fast and strong waves because the beach is a river mouth point break. Ollie’s Point is a better surfing spot when the tide is high and it can get crowded with surfers during this time. Nevertheless, its beach is not regularly crowded because of its difficult access.

If you are interested in sailing Costa Rica this is an excellent destination you can visit; you can spend a fun day sailing and admiring the landscapes while having drinks and snacks. Then, you can spend a beach day in this secluded area trying this exciting sport. You can take a private yacht Costa Rica to go on this adventure and experience great luxury and excitement in amazing landscapes.

Witch’s Rock

Witch’s Rock is another of the many popular surfing spots in Costa Rica. As well as Ollie’s Point, it is located in Santa Rosa National Park; Witch’s Rock receives its name for a rocky formation that you can see from the shore of Naranjo Beach. As in the case of Ollie’s Point, the access to this beach is not easy by car. However, going on sailing vacations to Naranjo Beach is a great idea.

You can hire the services of the Papagayo Marina and embark on a beach day tour including adventure; you can head to Naranjo Beach in a private yacht Costa Rica, and, if needed, you can request guidance. Whether it is lessons or equipment, you can request it and go sailing Costa Rica with style; plus, you can have as final destination a beach like Naranjo to relax and even try surfing! Costa Rica Sailing Vacations

What other Activities Can you Try in Costa Rica Sailing Vacations?

Surfing is just one of the activities you can try when you go Costa Rica sailing. However, it is understandable that this practice is not for everyone; while some people may be attracted to these adventurous practices, others may be more inclined to calmer experiences. In this sense, there are many other water activities you can do in sailing vacations; you can even go sailing and do different things.

Other popular water activities in Costa Rica include Costa Rica fishing trips, snorkeling, scuba diving adventures and more. The gorgeous Costa Rican beaches have great conditions for these practices; for starters, there is incredible biodiversity that is highly appreciated and admired in many of the sailing tours. There are also activities like windsurfing and kayaking available.

Other Services you Can Hire with the Papagayo Marina besides Sailing Tours

The Papagayo Marina can help you schedule incredible tours and activities like Costa Rica fishing trips; you can hire lessons for surfing learners or first-time scuba divers and plan amazing beach days. In addition to these “water-related” services, you can also find other services like accommodation or transportation while in Costa Rica. The staff of the marina will be happy to help.

If you need to acquire services different from sailing, the Papagayo Marina can help you find the best options nearby; in fact, there best home rentals of the area are located near the Papagayo Marina in Papagayo Peninsula. Be it services related to transportation, accommodation or adventure tours, the marina can help; plus, it is not too far from these surfing destinations.Tamarindo Vacation Rentals

Are there other Popular Surfing Destinations in Costa Rica?

Ollie’s Point and Witch’s Rock are just two of the many points where you can go surfing; this country has actually been the host of several world championships and many surfers visit from around the world. If you are planning on taking Costa Rica Sailing Vacations and surfing with style, you can; with the Papagayo Marina, you can have the time of your life!

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Surfing with Style in Costa Rica Sailing Vacations
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