Costa Rica Surf Charters: Pura Vida Experience!

When it comes to experience a “pura vida” adventure, Costa Rica surf charters are the best way to do it. One of the main reasons is that this Central American country is the ultimate location for those who enjoy water ventures.

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3 Reasons Why You Should Stay in Vacation Rentals in Papagayo Costa Rica

Staying in vacation rentals in Papagayo Costa Rica for vacations is one of the best decisions you will make. On the one hand, there are many destinations you can choose and have a great time in Costa Rica; on the other hand, there are many advantages to choosing the area of the Papagayo Peninsula. Its location, tourist services, and natural beauty make it the smartest choice. Continue reading “3 Reasons Why You Should Stay in Vacation Rentals in Papagayo Costa Rica”

Witch’s Rock and Ollie’s Point Costa Rica: Two Surfing Spots Near the Gulf of Papagayo

One of Costa Rica’s biggest attractions is surfing; Witch’s Rock and Ollie’s Point Costa Rica are its most popular spots. If you stay near the Papagayo Peninsula area you can go to the marina and hire its amazing services; you can turn your trip into fabulous sailing vacations and visit these wonderful surfing destinations. There are also other options for you if you go sailing Costa Rica.

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2 Healthy Activities you Can Do in Fun Costa Rica Sailing Tours

There are many activities you can do in Costa Rica including those in Costa Rica sailing tours. Furthermore, these activities you can do are not just fun and exciting; these activities will help you forget about the things stressing you back at home, and unwind. They can even be good for your health! The following are amazing activities you can do while Costa Rica sailing and are good for you: Continue reading “2 Healthy Activities you Can Do in Fun Costa Rica Sailing Tours”

The Top 5 Water Activities you Can Do with the Help Marina Papagayo Costa Rica

The Marina Papagayo Costa Rica offers plenty of options for tourists’ entertainment; its services are of the highest quality. The Papagayo Marina is part of a project that has favored Costa Rica’s tourism industry greatly; thus, it has also favored it economically. Costa Rica now attracts a bigger number of sailing enthusiasts and it offers the best options in water activities for your pleasure.

It sounds simple, but Costa Rica sailing with the Marina Papagayo exclusive services is an experience from another world. The incredible services of the marina include luxurious vessels, an incredible staff that is well trained, bilingual and friendly. Furthermore, the sailing experience can be full of adventures or very relaxing, whatever your needs are. You will surely enjoy it. In addition, the experience in these Costa Rica sailing tours is usually accompanied by delicious snacks with local taste and refreshing drinks. Throughout the day, you will also get to visit amazing destinations, where the staff members will be glad to help; they will be pointing out the amazing natural attractions on the horizon, and tell you about the area’s biodiversity.

On these Costa Rica sailing tours, you will get the chance to stop in amazing spots; there, you will be able to delight from the fascinating wildlife of the area. Snorkeling in Costa Rica is one of those things you will get to do while sailing. There are many snorkeling spots in Costa Rica’s both coastlines, the Caribbean and the Pacific Coast; however, the Marina on the Pacific coastline. In the Pacific Ocean, there are plenty of scuba diving destinations, as for example, las Catalinas Islands. The island is the result of volcanic formations and it is surrounded by varied wildlife such as: eagle-rays, octopuses, sea turtles, seahorses, eels, white tip reef sharks, etc. Culebra Bay is also an amazing area for scuba diving; it is also a beautiful place to be in.Costa Rica Sailing

Scuba diving Costa Rica is another amazing water activity that you can do while in sailing tours. It is an incredible experience where you get the opportunity to relax and see a brand new world underwater. You get to see incredible animal species that you don’t get to see above the water. When going Costa Rica sailing you get to see the good side of being over and underwater. Obviously, if you go scuba diving you will need proper training before getting in the water, the equipment and guidance; you should not worry about it. The staff of the Papagayo Marina going with you on sailing tours will guide you and help you; the best way to enjoy it is with safety, and will not be a concern. The spots that are good for snorkeling in Costa Rica are also perfect for scuba diving.

Another thing you have to try when Costa Rica sailing is Papagayo Sportfishing. It is a relaxing activity, it can allow you to focus and clear your mind for a while as you expect a good catch. Depending on where you go off sailing, the wildlife will vary; however, you can be sure it is truly going to be abundant. You will have a great time and delight from the mesmerizing landscapes.Costa Rica Sport Fishing Charters

Some of the things you simply need to do in a vacation is kick back and relax. It surely is important to make a tight schedule in order to not waste time visiting all the magical places in Costa Rica. You might want to visit all the national parks and wildlife reserves and all the great spots you have hear about; nevertheless, you don’t want to get carried away in a tight schedule that stresses you out. For this reason, it is important that in your special trip to Costa Rica, you also reserve spots to just relaxing; that is exactly what you can do in the fabulous sailing tours in the luxurious and comfortable yachts. Here, you will finally get a chance to forget about routine and relax under the sun, while you eat the delicious treats of the tropical Costa Rica.

The Marina Papagayo Costa Rica and its Services

The area of the Papagayo Peninsula is an area that is truly perfect for tourists. This territory of great environmental resources is not just beautiful and valuable; the best resorts, vacation home rentals, restaurants, cafés, bars, and infrastructures for sports have been built. This area truly benefits from tourism and works together to improve tourist services in the area. Besides the amazing services of the Marina Papagayo Costa Rica, Costa Rica and its “pura vida” lifestyle have a vibe that will make you stay longer and return!

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Papagayo and Nicoya Gulf: Amazing Costa Rica Sailing Destinations

If your next vacation plan includes Costa Rica Sailing in its Pacific Coast, there are two gulfs you’ll come across; the Papagayo Gulf and the Nicoya Gulf have amazing beaches where you can make a stop and spend amazing days. You could book any of the fabulous vacation rentals in Papagayo Costa Rica and arrange Costa Rica sailing tours; you’ll visit incredible locations and lodge in the best ones.

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Hermosa and Coco Bays: Beaches you Can Visit while Costa Rica Sailing

It is very important that you go Costa Rica sailing if you truly want to see all the best of Costa Rica; in this sense, there are two amazing bays with wonderful beaches in them to visit going on Costa Rica sailing tours. The beautiful Papagayo Peninsula has developed to offer the best services of the tourism industry; this development includes a luxurious marina that will facilitate you going on great sea adventures Continue reading “Hermosa and Coco Bays: Beaches you Can Visit while Costa Rica Sailing”

Hermosa and Culebra Bays: Two great Bays to Go Costa Rica Sailing

Costa Rica sailing is one of the many ways in which you can get to know a part of this paradisiacal country. Certainly Costa Rica has many in land attractions, as it is the case of its national parks and wildlife reserves; however, there are also amazing attractions by the seaside and there are many Costa Rica sailing tours to do so. Culebra and Hermosa Bay are two areas where you can sail to visit wonderful beaches.

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Two Beaches to Visit Costa Rica Sailing from the Marina Papagayo Costa Rica

Costa Rica sailing is one of the best ways to get to know Costa Rica. This magical country has numerous activities and places to visit in land; however, the sea side of the country is a different world. The Marina Papagayo Costa Rica offers a large number of activities that mix sailing with fun water sports; there are also family trips you can take sailing. Cabuyal and Iguanita are recommended beaches to visit. Continue reading “Two Beaches to Visit Costa Rica Sailing from the Marina Papagayo Costa Rica”

4 Whale Species to Spot in Costa Rica Sailing Tours in the Pacific Coast

There are many natural attractions in Costa Rica in land; furthermore, in Costa Rica sailing tours there are many other attractions. From amazing adventure water tours to a breathtaking marine life; the seaside of Costa Rica has a lot to offer. One popular destination is the Marina Papagayo Costa Rica; here, Costa Rica yacht charters and exciting water tours are services you can get. Continue reading “4 Whale Species to Spot in Costa Rica Sailing Tours in the Pacific Coast”

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