Tamarindo Beach Costa Rica: An Incredible Tourist Destination in International Standards

Tamarindo Beach Costa Rica is one of the best tourist destinations you will ever choose for a vacation; Costa Rica has become very popular, and this small beach town in Guanacaste Province is a great place to stay. For starters, it is considered to be an area with great sanitary and environmental conditions; great proof of that is the Blue Flag, an award that gives beaches a great international status.

Tamarindo Beach Costa Rica: a Worldwide Renowned Tourist Destination

Tamarindo is located on the Pacific Coastline of Costa Rica in Guanacaste Province; it’s a small beach town that was once a quiet fishing area and has now become very modern. The development has been advantageous, as changes for the better in the roads and services have multiplied; nevertheless, the town maintains the laid-back vibe that once characterized it.

Tamarindo is also conveniently located due to many reasons; for starters, it has a national airport located nearby. The Tamarindo airport offers domestic flights in case you want to visit other destinations, or simply to leave the country. This comes in handy in case you are exiting the country from San José, which is a little far; the other international airport, located in Liberia, is not so far away.

What is the Blue Flag?

The Blue Flag is an award given to beaches in excellent conditions regarding some factors; they are the environment, its management and safety, hygiene, facilities, services, and bathing water conditions. The title comprises international standards that are approved by important international organizations; only the beaches of the highest quality considering these factors are awarded with the Blue Flag.

There are actually few countries in the Americas that have beaches with this prestigious award; when you visit a beach with a Blue Flag, you know you can relax in your vacations. This is the case of Tamarindo; you know that here, you’ll find environmental beauty, enough eco-friendly services and facilities, as you ensure your safety at all times. Tamarindo meets the highest modern standards.

Fabulous Tourist Activities you Can Do in Tamarindo Beach Costa Rica

Tamarindo still maintains a laid-back vibe characteristic of the small town it used to be; however, it now offers a number of services that attract many visitors every year. For those seeking to spend sailing vacations, a great place to visit is Tamarindo Beach Costa Rica. If, for example, you are interested in going Tamarindo fishing, there are fabulous Tamarindo fishing charters.

Tamarindo fishing is a world-class practice in this area; however, just as you can go on amazing Tamarindo fishing charters, you can also do other water activities on your sailing vacations. You can go snorkeling Costa Rica, you can go scuba diving, al so surfing, and more. In addition to numerous water activities, you can also go on incredible land adventures nearby.

Tamarindo Beach Costa Rica: Great Accommodation Services

Tamarindo Beach Costa Rica may be popular for its incredible water activities available; however, it does not fall shy in accommodation services. If you are staying in this area, you can find amazing luxury villas as well as fabulous hotels; in these incredible beach houses, you can appreciate the popular Guanacaste sunsets many visitors enjoy.

Fabulous Other Entertainment Centers

The development in Tamarindo has resulted not only in fabulous accommodation facilities, but also great other services; some of them are bars, cafés and restaurants that are aimed at pleasing international tastes. This means that you can taste some typical dishes of the Costa Rican cuisine and hear the local music; however, there are also options for those seeking to taste international flavors.

These kinds of services in Costa Rica are aimed at international tastes given the big affluence of tourists. Tamarindo is, therefore, a very modern town but that still maintains local customs and a relaxed lifestyle in its development.

Tamarindo Beach Costa Rica: Surrounded by Great Biodiversity

Tamarindo Beach Costa Rica is an area that has not only coastal landscapes; the beach is bordered by the Matapalo River, which separates it from Playa Grande. In addition, a great attraction of this area is the incredible Tamarindo National Wildlife Refuge; the estuaries, mangroves, and lush forests make it a very popular destination for nature lovers and tourists in general.

Tamarindo Beach Costa Rica

These different landscapes house numerous animal species in the water and in land; Tamarindo is very rich in the biodiversity matter. This destination is perfect for those who seek to stay in a place that meets their quality standards; this is a place for those modern minds who consider environmental protection in harmony with development. This is a great ingredient for amazing vacations.

Tamarindo Beach Costa Rica has become a very popular destination and for very evident reasons; weather you visit to go sailing, fishing, snorkeling Costa Rica, or visiting the Tamarindo National Wildlife Refuge, it’ll be great! In this beach, you are guaranteed to spend the time of your life.

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Tamarindo Beach Costa Rica: An Incredible Tourist Destination in International Standards
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