The Dry Season: The Best Time for Costa Rica Sailing Vacations

Costa Rica is an incredible tourist destination all year round; nevertheless, when it comes to sailing vacations, there are better times than others. In this case, if you’re interested in going on sailing adventures, the high season is the best time for you. Costa Rica has the incredible Marina Papagayo in Guanacaste, in the Northwestern coast of the country where you can book these fabulous adventures.

Some Characteristics of the Dry Season

The dry season is also the high season in Costa Rica; it represents the half of the year that has no rains. The rainy season, in contrast, does present heavy rains; however, these rains take place in the afternoon, they are not continuous throughout the whole season. Both the rainy and dry season start at slightly different times depending on the country region; there are different weather patterns.

In the case of Guanacaste Province, the dry season starts in December; this results very advantageous to tourists for many reasons. The rainy season’s characterized by being a time when tourist destinations get crowded, prices rise, and the weather is generous.  It’s a time when the level of humidity lowers in many wet regions and different trails appear from previous floods.

Advantages of Going on Sailing Vacations in Guanacaste during the Dry Season

The rainy season is a time in which it truly pours, you can really see heavy rains; however, these rains don’t take up the whole days. They usually occur in the afternoons, which means that you can still go to Costa Rica for vacation; what you have to do is adjust to the raining schedule to try and avoid them. Planning to go on many of the activities in the mornings is a good idea during this time.

Costa Rica Sailing Vacations

On the contrary, if you visit Costa Rica during the dry season, you won’t have to worry about rains; you will be able to go on any adventure you want at any time of the day enjoying a great sunny weather. Another advantage has to do with hikes through trails that you cannot usually walk on during the rainy season; this happens in wet areas where the land floods and some trails temporarily disappear.

Some Fabulous Activities you Can Do during the Dry Season on your Sailing Vacations:

Most people will prefer to do water sports of sailing vacations during the dry season; however, when it comes to surfing, some experienced surfers might prefer to visit during the rainy season. This is because the waves at the beach are better for surfing purposes; in addition, in some locations it is better to surf when the level of the water has risen. This is because it is less dangerous to hit a rock or something of the sort.

This is one of the most popular water sports you can practice in Costa Rica. It is not dangerous, it is relaxing, good for your health, and fun; in addition, Costa Rica is perfect for this type of sports. Another similar practice to snorkeling Costa Rica you can do is scuba diving; Costa Rica has about 6% of the world’s biodiversity, and you can see part of it in its beautiful sea waters.

Given the great biodiversity of this country, another popular practice is Costa Rica sportfishing; many people actually visit Costa Rica because of it world-class sportfishing. For example, Tamarindo sportfishing is very popular worldwide. Tamarindo is a small town in the Pacific Coastline which has developed beautifully; it also has great tourist services, and the tamarindo sportfishing is one of its main attractions.

Regardless of what specific activity you choose to do, there is one you must: go on sailing charters. Going sailing in a luxurious yacht, seeing amazing landscapes, eating delicious snacks and having fresh drinks; you can do all this on your way to magical destinations or to go on fabulous adventures. In these yacht charters, you will see places you have never seen, and go on adventures you won’t forget.

Costa Rica Sailing Vacations

Furthermore, by going on these sailing charters, you can arrange to go on the previously mentioned adventures, and more; you can stop in beautiful islands with great diversity; you can swim in great locations and go surfing, try stand up paddle board, and many more. Costa Rica has numerous options for luxurious tastes as well as adventurous; a lot of fun is guaranteed.

Sailing vacations in Costa Rica are the perfect medicine for anyone who needs to relax; all the experiences guarantee full luxury, comfort and fun in a tropical paradise. This is an opportunity not everyone gets; take this chance to have the most fun of your life; experience the Costa Rica ‘pura vida’!

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he Dry Season: The Best Time for Costa Rica Sailing Vacations
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