Two Beaches to go on Sailing Vacations in the Pacific Coastline of Costa Rica

Costa Rica is an incredible country to go on sailing vacations; in this sense, if this is what you are planning in Costa Rica’s pacific Coastline, there are two recommended beaches. This doesn’t mean that these are the only destinations worth visiting in sailing vacations; however, they are certainly two of the best. These beaches are the beautiful Coco Beach and Tamarindo Beach.

The Popular Coco Beach

Located near the also popular Papagayo Peninsula, Coco Beach is one of the most popular destinations among tourists and Ticos; popular for its active nightlife and abundant tourist services, Coco Beach is also very popular for its exciting water tours. Coco Beach is characterized by its white-gray sand and by its waters with a blue-gray tint.

Coco Beach is also a popular destination due to the incredible residence rentals and accommodation options in general; Coco Beach has fabulous and luxurious resorts. This is a town that tends to get crowded usually over holidays; therefore, if you don’t enjoy crowded locations, you could avoid visiting in December or November. In this time also Ticos like visiting.

Tamarindo Vacation Rentals

Sailing Vacations in Coco Beach

Water activities are very popular in Coco Beach, and if you go on sailing charters, you can do many activities; the clear waters of Coco Beach are great for other activities like snorkeling and scuba diving. In addition, these are great activities to practice here because of the great deal of biodiversity present; furthermore, you can also do world-class sportfishing in Coco Beach.

You can visit Las Catalinas Islands where there is a cave diving experience; you can also visit Bat Islands. In Bat Islands there is an adventure dive that takes place for experienced divers; the experience takes place in an area where large groups of bull sharks gather. You can also visit Tortuga Island; this, while enjoy incredible landscapes and chilling in an amazing private yacht charter Costa Rica.

The Beautiful Tamarindo Beach

Tamarindo is also popular among tourists; however, this beach town still remains calm and laid-back, as opposed to some that also have gone through major development. This small beach town was once known for being a good destination for surfing and fishing; now, there are amazing accommodation options including rental homes and luxurious resorts.

Costa Rica Sailing

Tamarindo Beach is of easy access; so for your sailing vacations, you can visit not just by land or water, but also by airplane. The airport is Tamarindo Beach receives and offers domestic flights, in case you want to stay here; it is also a popular entry point for visitors going to Flamingo Beach and others nearby. There is an important attraction which attracts many of the visitors; the Tamarindo National Wildlife Refuge.

Sailing Vacations in Coco Beach

If you go on sailing charters in Tamarindo Beach you might spot a variety of wildlife that will amaze you; you might spot dolphins, manta rays, sea turtles, and a lot more. The nearby estuaries and mangrove also house and protect abundant wildlife that you won’t forget; in addition, there’s a variety of water activities you can do while sailing on a private yacht charter Costa Rica.

Tamarindo is also popular for having good conditions for surfing, so you can do this while sailing; more importantly, there are Tamarindo fishing charters which have lots of popularity. Here, you can also go scuba diving, snorkeling Costa Rica, and more. These Tamarindo fishing charters and sailing trips can take place on a luxurious yacht, eating delicious snacks and refreshing with some cool drinks.

Sailing Vacations

Where Can you Hire these Sailing Services?

These two beaches have many tourist services available, and that includes sailing services; however, if you are staying in Peninsula Papagayo, you can hire them from the fabulous marina in the Peninsula. It is considered to be the most luxurious in Latin America; it can take you not only to these beaches, but also to many other locations off-shore. It offers an excellent service.

In addition to having great vessels and a trained staff, the marina offers sailing trips that include other activities; this way, you can go snorkeling Costa Rica or on Tamarindo fishing charters parting from the luxurious marina in Peninsula Papagayo. The trip and tours offered are accompanied with service of snacks and cool drinks; in addition, your safety is ensured at all times.

Deciding to visit Costa Rica is a great choice; this is one of the best tourist destinations of the world. In addition, the seaside of the country offers countless activities and adventures for all interests; sailing vacations are a luxury that not many can enjoy. The quality of the services in this area, and the natural beauty you will encounter will leave you breathless. Come and visit!

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Two Beaches to go on Sailing Vacations in the Pacific Coastline of Costa Rica
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