Catalina Islands Kayaking Tours and Other Water Adventures in Costa Rica!

If you are an adventurous traveler, going on a Catalina Island kayaking tour is a must! These Costa Rican islands, which comprise 20 small islands, are the perfect destination for those who are looking for an unforgettable experience in the water.

Catalina Islands are surrounded by pristine waters that are often referred to as “indigo waters” due to their color. These amazing islands are home to a wide variety of marine life. For this reason, they are ideal for those who want to try scuba diving in Costa Rica, or who want to go on a Catalina Island kayaking tour.

However, Catalina Islands also have an abundant array of land animals and birds. As a result, these islands are a great place to enjoy birdwatching, being the birdwatching boat tours extremely famous among travelers.

These 20 small islands that are also known as “the Cats” attract millions of tourists every year that have the opportunity to get in touch with this wonderful natural world.

So if you want to be one of those lucky individuals, you cannot pass from organizing a Catalina Island kayaking tour, or from scuba diving in Costa Rica.

Why Should I Organize A Catalina Island Kayaking Tour?

Catalina Island kayaking tours are focused on providing you an educational and extremely entertaining water experience. And given that these kayaking excursions will allow you to appreciate the natural beauty of these stunning small Costa Rican islands, your journey will be unforgettable.

Kayaking Costa Rica
Kayaking Costa Rica

Besides, by going on a Catalina Island kayaking tour, you will be able to share a memorable experience with your loved ones. This means that these tours are family friendly, so you can take your children or your closest friends with you. Consequently, you will strength your family bonds, and build up solidarity while enjoying a challenging and fun activity.

Moreover, this water sport will help you relieve stress and, just like fishing in Costa Rica, it will engage your body in an amusing physical workout. Apart from that, kayaking is easily accessible and it does not require you to be an advanced competitor in order to take pleasure in it. Hence, Catalina Islands kayaking tours is appropriate to all ages and abilities.

And bearing in mind that a day under the sun is the best source of vitamin D, this outdoor activity will improve your immune system. For that reason, fishing in Costa Rica, kayaking, sailing in Costa Rica, and all of these water sports, are some of the best pastimes to increase the absorption of vitamin D.

And What Other Things Can I Do Besides Going On A Catalina Island Kayaking Tour?

Scuba diving in Costa Rica is also a great thing to do while you visit Catalina Islands. And due to the fact that these islands are famous for being one of the best scuba diving spots in the country, you have to try it!

If you are staying in the northern part of Guanacaste Province, whether it is Tamarindo town, Playa Conchal, or Playa Flamingo, you will find Catalina Islands easily accessible. On top of that, scuba diving in these islands will give you the opportunity to discover Costa Rica’s rich marine life.

Catalina Islands are renowned for their rays, especially for the Pacific Giant Manta Ray. Nevertheless, you can also encounter devil rays, spotted eagle rays, mobley rays, stingrays, bat rays, and bullseye rays.

Additionally, you will see sharks, sea turtles, starfishes, octopuses, and a wide variety of tropical fishes and eels. And if you visit Catalina Islands between September and March, you could see whales, orcas, and spinner dolphins.

Kayaking tour
Kayaking tour

What is more, Catalina Islands are also a magnificent place to birdwatch. That is why birdwatching tours are so famous among travelers! Depending on the time of the year, you could see spoonbills, frigate birds, bridled tern nests, brown boobies, and albatross. Doesn’t it sound cool?

And What If I Want to Fish in Costa Rica?

If you want to fish in Costa Rica, Catalina Islands is not the right place to do it. Nevertheless, Costa Rica fishing charters have everything to provide you a memorable excursion in the best areas of the country.

Some of these places are Playa Flamingo, Tamarindo town, and Papagayo Gulf, three great areas to get to Catalina Islands. In their waters you can catch mackeral, mahi-mahi, rooster fish, yellowfin tuna, red snapper, striped marlin, sailfish, blue marlin, and dorado. But you can also find black marlin, jack crevalle, and wahoo.

It is important to mention that if you want to fish in Costa Rica, Playa Flamingo is actually the favorite place among fishermen due to the fact that this beach has the largest marina in the country.

In the end, visiting Guanacaste Province will give you the opportunity to make your dreams come true. And if you go to Catalina Islands, kayaking or scuba diving in these islands will be extraordinary!

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