What to Expect if You are Traveling in December to Papagayo Costa Rica

Papagayo Costa Rica is one of the best destinations you will ever see; it is a natural paradise with amazing tourist services and with a tropical climate. Costa Rica, and especially Guanacaste Province, has become a very popular destination and the holidays of December are no exception; if you are considering spending Papagayo Costa Rica sailing vacations in December, here are some facts.

 Peninsula Papagayo Costa Rica Will Be Crowded

There are many reasons why it is safe to expect this time of year to be very crowded; for starters, the Christmas holidays in December are celebrated in many countries, including Costa Rica.by During this time, the now very popular beach towns are frequented not only by foreign visitors, but by Ticos too. The beaches in the Peninsula Papagayo Costa Rica and the Papagayo Gulf get crowded.

Another reason why these beaches get crowded besides the start of the December vacations is the season change; in Guanacaste Province, the start of December also means the change from rainy or “green” season to dry season. In the middle of December, the dry season should have already started; this time is also the winter in Northern countries, which is why many decide to visit Costa Rica.

Book your Services Now

If you’re still considering traveling to Papagayo Costa Rica in December but still haven’t made up your mind, do; this is not the time to continue thinking. December in Costa Rica is a very busy time and if you don’t hurry, you won’t find the best services. There are fabulous home rentals, Costa Rica sailing charters, and other services for your sailing vacations, but not in December.

Papagayo Costa Rica

If you still have not booked your accommodation services, Costa Rica sailing charters, and your transportation services, hurry; chances are, you might still find more than decent options for you. However, there are fabulous beach houses, and great tourist services of which you won’t be able to book the best; so hurry up and book what you prefer, rather than what you get stuck with.

Climatic Conditions

If you are visiting Costa Rica from the Northern hemisphere, you will find Costa Rica’s weather in December to be very nice; maybe the first days of the month in Guanacaste Province will still have rains. However, as days pass, the dry season starts; Papagayo Costa Rica then becomes a continuously sunny area without rains and where you can forget about the cold winter.

Costa Rica is considered to have a tropical climate and the dry season is the best escape for Northern visitors; in addition, if you are interested in going on Costa Rica sailing charters, this is the best time for it. By the end f the month there will be no rains bothering you at all; in any case, Costa rica is considered to be an excellent tourist destination all year-round.

Water Sports in December

The weather conditions in December are excellent for all water sports in Costa Rica with just a few exceptions; given the few rains, sports like Costa Rica sportfishing, snorkeling Costa Rica, and scuba diving have no obstacles. It is important to consider that even in the rainy or “green” season, rains usually take place in the afternoons; therefore, even in that season these sports can take place in the mornings.

Papagayo Costa Rica

Nevertheless, it is not the most ideal situation go on sailing charters with heavy rains; in this matter, there will be no concerns. Furthermore, the few exceptions of the people who prefer to visit during the rainy season have to do with surfing; for experienced surfers, the green season sounds more appealing. During the green season the tide rises and the waves are bigger.

The Best Time to Visit

Costa Rica is a fabulous destination to visit any time of the year; however, if you have tickets for visiting this amazing paradise, you are in for a treat. You will see the change of the seasons but you will not experience the heavy rains; furthermore, even though the rains are gone, you still get to see the remains of the lush vegetation, product of the heavy rains of the rainy or green season.

In addition, it’s a great time to go Costa Rica sport fishing, snorkeling Costa Rica, scuba diving or any outdoors experience; the weather is simply perfect. In addition, the upcoming holidays attract all types of visitors to the beaches, including Ticos; therefore, you can truly mingle with the locals and feel the contagious “pura vida” of their lifestyle. Vacations in Papagayo Costa Rica in December the best decision you’ll make!

These sailing vacations will be the best experience you have had in a long time; so hurry up and finish up your plans for this magical trip!

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What to Expect if You are Traveling in December to Papagayo Costa Rica
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