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Boat Management, Sales & Marketing

Our dedicated team specializes in a wide array of services, ranging from routine maintenance and repairs to handling administrative tasks and logistics. Conveniently accessible on a shared Google Drive file, our monthly income and expenses statements offer transparency to keep you well-informed. Recognizing the individuality of each boat owner, our flexible approach allows us to tailor our services precisely to your unique requirements.

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Administrative Excellence

Let us handle all administrative tasks, including documentation, permits, and compliance with local regulations. Our experienced team can also assist with insurance claims, acting as liaisons with authorities on your behalf.

Crew Recruitment & Management

Ensure an enhanced boating experience with a skilled and professional crew. We provide comprehensive services, including crew recruitment, training, and ongoing management.

Transparent Pricing

Our commitment to clarity is reflected in our transparent pricing structure. Receive detailed reports on maintenance activities, expenses, and any notable incidents, ensuring you know precisely what you're paying for.

Sales & Marketing Proposal

Included in our comprehensive package is a detailed sales & marketing proposal, strategically crafted to maximize the value of your investment.


Sales & Marketing Only

Opt for our standalone sales & marketing services, allowing us to present an attractive and comprehensive overview of your boat model. Highlight unique features, specifications, and benefits to set your products apart from the competition. Additionally, we manage the inclusion of your boat in our affiliated local resorts and collaborate with local and foreign agencies, significantly expanding your reach to potential customers.

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P&I Insurance Umbrella Coverage

Complementing our service packs, we offer a P&I insurance Umbrella for $2.5MM. To qualify, secure a $500,000 base insurance with our broker, Interseguros Tamarindo, at a cost of $2,179 yearly. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive suite of services, ensuring your boat ownership experience is seamless and enjoyable.

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