Sport Fishing


Inshore Fishing

Inshore fishing is the capture of fish in shallow coastal waters, such as bays and estuaries. It is used to catch species like bass and sea trout, using lures and casting techniques. It is popular for its accessibility and coastal beauty. Adhering to regulations is key for marine conservation


Offshore Fishing

Offshore fishing involves capturing fish in deep waters far from the coast. Species like tuna and swordfish are targeted using specific baits and gear. It requires larger boats and specialized equipment. It’s known for challenging anglers in open waters and offering unique opportunities.


Night Fishing

Night fishing is carried out during the night, taking advantage of darkness to catch fish. Special lights and lures are used to attract the fish. It offers a tranquil and different experience from daytime fishing. Requires caution and adaptation to low light conditions


Fly Fishing

Fly fishing is a fishing method that uses artificial flies as lures. A special rod and a heavy line are used to cast the flies into the water. It is appreciated for its focus on technique and precise presentation. It is practiced in both fresh and saltwater and is often associated with trout and salmon fishing in rivers and streams.