Boat Overnights


Boat Overnights

Embrace the extraordinary with Marina Charters’ captivating ‘Overnights’ experience. Imagine spending a night under starlit skies, gently rocked by the rhythm of the waves, surrounded by the enchanting beauty of Costa Rica’s waters. Relax and enjoy nature’s serenity at its finest.

Boat Overnights

Rest Under the Stars

Enjoy an unforgettable night sleeping under a star-filled sky, surrounded by the tranquility of the ocean. Relax in the comfort of our luxury yachts and wake up refreshed in the heart of nature.

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Surfing and Night Fishing

After surfing Costa Rica’s thrilling waves, enhance your adventure with overnight stays aboard our luxurious yachts. Combine the adrenaline of surfing with the tranquility of night fishing, using special lights and lures for a unique experience. This perfect blend of activities adds an extra layer of excitement and serenity to your unforgettable journey.

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Boat Overnights
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Boat Overnights



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