Surfing Costa Rica

Embark on an exciting surfing adventure in Costa Rica with us. Our experts will guide you to the country’s most thrilling surf spots, where perfect waves and breathtaking landscapes await. To enhance your adventure, indulge in overnight stays aboard our luxurious yachts, adding an extra layer of excitement to your unforgettable journey.

Surfing Costa Rica

Exclusive Surfing Adventures

Experience the luxury of sailing and surfing in exclusive Costa Rican destinations with our yachts. A unique blend of high-end comfort and the thrill of surfing in aquatic paradises.

Surfing Costa Rica

Ollies Point Surfing Sites

Its powerful and consistent waves are perfect for surfing enthusiasts. With long, fast-breaking waves on both left and right, it offers an exhilarating experience surrounded by pristine beaches and marine life, attracting surf lovers seeking unforgettable adventures in Costa Rica.

Surfing Costa Rica

Witches Rock Surfing Site

It’s a remote beach in the Santa Rosa National Park in the province of Guanacaste known for the enormous rock that gives it its name and for its perfect waves. Set in a stunning natural environment with golden beaches and lush vegetation, it offers an unforgettable experience for surf enthusiasts.

Surfing Costa Rica

Laberinto Surfing Site

El Laberinto in Guanacaste is an exposed reef that frequently experiences waves. The best time of the year for waves is from November to April, during the rainy season. The sea winds blow from the northeast. The majority of the swell in this area comes from swells, and the ideal swell angle is from the southwest. 




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